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Emma Watson Featured In InStyle

Emma Watson, InStyle

Emma Watson, InStyle

Emma Watson Talks to Coveteur

Emma Watson Talks to Into the Gloss About Her Sustainable Beauty Routine

Emma Watson Covers Elle UK

Emma Watson Calls for An End to Child Marriage In Africa

Emma Watson Talks to Paper About Feminism

Benedict Cumberbatch & Emma Watson Appointed Visiting Fellows at Oxford

Emma Watson Gives Book Recommendations

Emma Watson Covers Porter

Emma Watson Covers British Vogue

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Shailene Woodley Covers InStyle

Shailene Woodley, InStyleShailene Woodley covers the March 2016 issue of InStyle, where she is promoting her new film, Allegiant.

Shailene Woodley, InStyle
On her view of fashion: “My style is dominated by my desire to be comfortable. Like I never want anything restricting my stomach. I don’t know how people wear jeans so often, because that band is just so tight! I am much stronger in a pair of oxfords and a pair of pants versus a pair of heels and a fancy dress. I’m more of a pants kind of chick.”

Shailene Woodley, InStyle
On worrying about what others think: “I’ve come to realize it’s really none of our business what other people think about us and the more time and energy we spend obsessing about that, the more we’re trying to be a certain way for other people instead of ourselves.”
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Sophia Bush Talks Sustainable Fashion With InStyle

Sophia BushHere is the article:

This past summer, Bush headed to Uganda with the social-good fashion brands 31 Bits, Akola Project, and Sseko Designs to see just how each company is helping women and girls in the country rebuild their lives by producing fashion and accessories that are sold in the United States. “It provided me with the personal touch point to tell this story in a way that feels much more exciting than, ‘Hey I found this brand that’s cool,’” Bush tells InStyle. “It’s more about, ‘Hey, I know the women whose lives are different because of this.'” You can learn more about each brand by watching the video above — and if you happen to have a VR viewer, you can look up, down, and all around, as you listen to Bush gush about how these organizations are changing lives, including her own.

recently spoke with Bush about her trip, her new beauty brand I Smell Great, and — given her penchant for promoting social good — if she’d ever consider going into politics.

InStyle: Anyone who follows you on social media knows how passionate you are about certain issues. What made you focus on ethical fashion?
Sophia Bush: “It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I was given the data on the fact that fashion is the No. 2 industry polluting the planet. My heart stopped. Once I delved into that more, so much information came up about child labor around the world, about slave labor around the world, about sweatshops and all of the stuff that breaks your heart and makes your head spin. Rather than just feeling completely dejected about that, I said, ‘Okay, well, how do we change it?'” Continue reading