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Chris Hemsworth Covers GQ Australia

Chris Hemsworth, GQ Australia

Chris Hemsworth, GQ Australia

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Chris Hemsworth Covers Vanity Fair

Chris Hemsworth, Vanity FairChris Hemsworth covers the December 2015 issue of Vanity Fair, where he is promoting his new film, In the Heart of the Sea.

Here is the interview:

I feel like I’m in a movie. Not just any movie, a highly specific kind of movie, one of those trashy-but-sublime Hollywood jobs, a jet-set-y, South-of-France-y bit of chic piffle that’s about international spies or jewel thieves or cat burglars, only is really about glamorous, sexy stars doing glamorous, sexy things in glamorous, sexy locales. Daft yet delectable; not art yet artful — To Catch a Thief or Diamonds Are Forever maybe. And in this highly specific movie, I’m in a highly specific scene: I’m sitting in a restaurant, open-air and umbrella-dotted, all very relaxed and casual in a way that suggests great expense and exclusivity, the patrons suntanned and sunglassed, the backdrop el primo, knockout spectacular, featuring an ocean that sparkles and fizzes like a sapphire, the exact color, by happy coincidence, of my dining companion’s eyes. And a bit player — a waiter or, possibly, a fellow paying customer — leans into me and says, sotto voce, “Quite a view,” and I, keeping my gaze fixed on the sapphire-eyed person across the table from me, reply, “It certainly is,” my lips twitching in the faintest of ironic smiles.

O.K., well, the exchange with the waiter/paying customer never happened, but the rest of the account is cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die true. The restaurant: Geoffrey’s, pronounced the way the snooty English butler from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air pronounced it, not the way the flesh-eating serial killer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, pronounced it, and perched on a bluff above the Malibu stretch of the Pacific, which, for my money, knocks the Côte d’Azur right on its derrière. The sapphire-eyed person: Chris Hemsworth.

In March, Hemsworth, 32, hosted Saturday Night Live. It was a strong show all around, but the best bit was a send-up of those American Express commercials that feature famous people presenting themselves in modest, no-frills, this-is-the-real-me ways that are actually self-congratulatory and carefully contrived and showbiz slick. Chris Hemsworth as “Chris Hemsworth” catalogues the various stumbling blocks he encountered on the Road to Success. In the signature faux-humble voice-over (the better to brag to you with, my dear), he says, “When I got to Hollywood, they said I’d never make it as an actor — they said I was too tall, too blond, my muscles were too big.” The line got a roar from the studio audience. And why not? It was funny — and smart. After all, his handsomeness is so extreme it can’t be denied or ignored, or even played down. It verges, in fact, on the parodic, so why not parody it? Continue reading

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Avengers, Tony Stark, Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr, Steve Rogers, Captain America, Thor, Chris Hemsworth, Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, Scarlett JohanssonI really enjoyed Avengers, and thought the writing of Loki, in particular, really added to the film. Joss Whedon, who wrote and directed Avengers, is back doing both for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he writes a good villain. However, this villain being a robot, I went in with lowered expectations.

In regard to the villain, perhaps my low expectations were warranted, as the robot, Ultron (James Spader), doesn’t really have a motive, but I guess being a computer program, he doesn’t really need one. As the viewer, on the other hand, I do.

Otherwise, the film is really enjoyable. All the Avengers are back, including Tony Stark’s Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.), Bruce Banner’s the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Steve Roger’s Captain America (Chris Evans, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Natasha Romanoff’s Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). I only remember Hawkeye’s first name (Clint, for anyone wondering), but didn’t bother to look it up, because the way Hawkeye always seems so expendable is used for humor throughout the film in a fun way.

As a huge fan of anything written by Whedon, I was not disappointed with Age of Ultron. There was witty dialogue, small setups with big pay-offs, and as much character development as one can reasonably do in this type of film. Some of the background story was cut, a disagreement between Whedon and Marvel that became very public around the release of the film, and it would be interesting to see those scenes, and whether they add to the already two and a half hour film. Continue reading

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Elsa Pataky Covers Womens Health UK

Elsa PatakyElsa Pataky covers Womens Health U.K. where she talks about staying fit and how she keeps her marriage healthy.

On Chris Hemsworth’s cooking skills: “Chris is a really good cook. Often, I’ll put the kids to bed and he’ll cook. He does really good meat and fish, amazing salads. And soups! When we’re in London [when Chris was filming Rush in 2012], he had to lose weight and every night it’d be a new vegetable soup — he’s really good at it!”
Elsa Pataky
On being married to the ‘world’s sexiest man’: “It’s funny when it’s your husband. For me, sexy is the inside of someone. Of course I think he’s beautiful and fit, but I will never tell him that because he will get too, how do you say, ‘cocky’? He’ll be like, ‘What do you think of that?’ And I’ll say, ‘Well, I’ve been the sexiest woman in Spain for a lot of years.’ It’s all just a joke, though.”
Elsa Pataky
On how she and Chris Hemsworth help each other stay motivated: “When he was training for Thor, he came home with this body fat measurer — you know, where you clip the parts where you accumulate fat? So it became a competition between us. If I had some far somewhere I’d be like, ‘Grr, I’m working that part.’ It’s fun, it’s just like a challenge, for no other reason than I like to challenge myself.”

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Chris Hemsworth Covers GQ Australia

Chris Hemsworth is on the cover of the February 2015 issue of GQ Australia, where he discusses Hollywood success and his family. He is currently starring in the film Blackhat.
Chris Hemsworth
On Hollywood success not bringing happiness: “You get to Hollywood, you achieve something and then you realize, ‘Shit, it didn’t actually bring me the happiness I thought it was going to. It didn’t fix anything. Look, I mean I don’t wake up, look in the mirror and go, ‘Yep, all is perfect.'”
Chris Hemsworth
On the critical success of Rush: “Everything shifted for me after Rush. It wasn’t as financially successful as other things I’d done, but it gave me more movement, more options, more doors opening, more meetings. All of a sudden, it’s, ‘Oh, wow! You’re an actor!'”

On the superficiality of Hollywood: “It’s bulls–t. I remember how differently people treated me when things went well. Some directors and producers who never gave a shit—at best, they’d have given me a sideways glance. Next time I saw them, they’re my best friend. That’s gross.” Hemsworth added that he “got more calls and emails” about succeeding Adam Levine as People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” than he ever received “about any film.”
Chris Hemsworth
On his family: “When I’m with my kids, and someone is scaring my kids — which is what they’ll do — that gets me fired up. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I get hot. I get flustered. And in the States, they’re there, 24/7, at the gate, six feet away when you take out the rubbish.” He says he doesn’t mean to complain, “But at the same time, ‘Get fucked!’ Nah, mate, you don’t have the right to do that. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says — you’re not a bonus to my career. You start to think of it as the norm, that this is how people are — and that’s the danger. If this is life, I’m not raising my kids like this.”

Chris Hemsworth Covers GQ

Chris Hemsworth Covers Prestige

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Behind the Scenes of the Critics Choice Awards

The Critics Choice Awards

Angelina Jolie & Ethan Hawke
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