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Tom Hiddleston Talks to Bustle About ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Excerpts of the article:
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston likes to eat dessert before lunch. I know this because I’ve just watched him finish a piece of chocolate cake before diving into a plate of chicken and vegetables. We’re sitting in a makeshift room — composed of heavy fabric walls, a couch big enough for two, and a short table that holds his meal and “morning sugar rush,” as he calls it — inside of a grandiose ballroom in Downtown Los Angeles. Hiddleston’s here to promote his latest, Kong: Skull Island, and I’m here to try to uncover a yet-to-be-discovered layer of the man that is Thomas William Hiddleston — beyond his dining preferences.

I politely decline the latter — given my penchant for clumsiness I’d prefer not to interview the British heartthrob with a blouse covered in frosting. He asks me again (Hiddleston is very generous, it seems) and I again, decline. So we settle into the couch and I begin the conversation by relaying a message. Earlier in the day the film’s director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, asked me to tell Hiddleston this: “It’s only forever.” I assume the sentiment is a reference to the lyrics of David Bowie’s “Underground,” (as any Hiddlestoner knows, the man loves Bowie) yet the actor assures me it’s not.

“The thing about making movies is that you’re constrained by time and daylight,” he tells me. “When you’re assembling the jigsaw puzzle with all its intricate pieces you want every piece to be perfect. We are both perfectionists, and when I would ask for another take because I knew it could be better, he would say, ‘I think we got it,’ and I would say, ‘It’s only forever.’ It became a kind of comradely slogan that was our call to arms every morning.”

Vogt-Roberts elaborates later, telling me: “Tom is really frustrating to be around because he’s tall and handsome and knows a lot about everything,” the director jokes. “Tom ascribed the right philosophy of ‘we’re making this forever.’ He’s a total dream for a director because he gives a fuck. He might care too much at times, but you have no choice but to like completely love him.” Continue reading