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Adam Clayton Talks to Rolling Stone About The Joshua Tree Tour

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Thirty years ago, the wild success of The Joshua Tree transformed U2 into the biggest band on the planet. Radio hits “With or Without You,” “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “Where the Streets Have No Name” catapulted them from arenas into stadiums and found then hobnobbing with Frank Sinatra, appearing on the cover of Time magazine and sharing the stage with Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and B.B. King. “Certainly looking back on playing the tour at that time, it should have been an extraordinarily, freeing, joyful opportunity,” says bassist Adam Clayton. “But it was actually quite a tough time trying to deliver those songs under the pressure of growing from an arena act to a stadium act. I, for one, don’t remember enjoying it very much.”

He’ll probably enjoy it more this summer when U2 take The Joshua Tree on a victory lap three decades down the line. “I think this summer run is almost an opportunity to take it back,” he says, “and look at those songs and look at what was going on then and see where we are now.” We spoke to Clayton about the impetus for the tour, how the show will be structured, if fans can expect to hear rarities and what’s happening with Songs of Experience.

Rolling Stone: I know that the Innocence + Experience Tour was originally slated to go into 2016. What happened?

Adam Clayton: Well, the idea was really that we wanted to make sure we focused on the [Songs of] Experience album. By the time we finished the Innocence tour and came full circle to focus on the album, it was clear we weren’t going to be able to flip it really quickly into the Experience side of the material and put it right back out on tour. As a challenge that was, “OK, we’re going to have to look at this differently.” Also, in the course of that year, some kind of strange political movements seemed to start happening. First of all, there was Brexit in the U.K., which was just a signal that things were changing. I’m not sure how people took it. Then, quite quickly on the back of it, was the rise of Trumpism. And that was like, “Oh, OK, there’s something going on here. There’s maybe something we missed and we need to start watching this.” That sort of encouraged us to go away from trying to finish the record too quickly without being able to factor in some of the things this is telling us. Continue reading


Bono & Adam Clayton Plant Trees In West Cork

Bono, Adam ClaytonBono and his wife Ali, along with U2 bass player Adam Clayton, paid a visit to Liss Ard Estate in Skibbereen last weekend.

They arrived on Friday afternoon and departed around noon on Sunday after touring the 163-acre luxury estate overlooking Lough Abisdealy.

A spokesperson for the estate, currently for sale, confirmed their stay at the weekend and posted a photo of the group lined up in front of a massive tree in the garden.

“Our policy here at Liss Ard is to always keep details about our guests’ visits private and discreet,” a spokesperson told The Southern Star.

The spokesman did, however, mention that Bono and his friends enjoyed some great meals over the weekend. “They were prepared using local ingredients by our superb head chef Pamela Kelleher and her team,” he said.

Bono, Ali, and Adam were joined by their childhood friend, artist Guggi, as well as other family members and friends – all of whom enjoyed the privacy of the walled estate, which is noted for its Sky Garden by James Turrell.

During the visit, Bono added to the appeal of the place by planting a flowering cherry tree near the Sky Garden while Adam planted a Sheerwater seedling.

They were just the latest in a line of celebrity musicians who have planted trees at Liss Ard. Over the years, Patti Smith, Nick Cave and Lou Reed have all made their mark by planting a tree and having their name inset into a wall near the Lake Lodge.

Liss Ard, as the website states, offers “a home from home feeling … striking the perfect balance of seclusion without solitude.”

U2 & the Ireland Funds Donate 3 Million Euros to Music Program

Bono Releases Film About the Psalms

Adam Clayton Talks About Alcoholism & Mental Health

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Adam Clayton Talks About Alcoholism & Mental Health

Adam ClaytonU2 bassist Adam Clayton has spoken about getting through problems with alcohol “and other things”, as well as his experiences with improving his mental health.

The U2 star talked about getting help for feeling “wonky” in an interview with an Irish radio station yesterday (April 7).

“I relied too much on alcohol and other things to get me through,” Clayton said. “I pretty much had a eureka moment. I was fed up of the way I felt constantly. In my particular case, it was difficult for me not to go ‘you’ve got a great life, what’s wrong with you’. Eventually I got fed up with feeling fed up. Eventually a few friends who’d been through alcohol and drug treatment said ‘you can get over this, you can feel better’. At the root of addiction, certainly in my case, was a mental issue. It’s how I approached the day. I was able to get help and revise my thinking and turn that around. I’m a much happier bunny now.”

Clayton also discussed the difficulty people face in seeking help, particularly men.

“Any kind of medical issue, particularly men, we don’t like going to doctors for anything,” Clayton said. “Particularly with mental health, you don’t have to say you’re depressed, you just have to say I’m feeling a bit wonky, I feel a little broken. It’s a very complicated world we live in with all kinds of pressures, and we get it wrong sometimes. A big part of it is demystifying it.”

Listen to the interview below:

Read more at http://www.nme.com/news/u2/92841#Y4mM2hXRcIKtvYqk.99

Adam Clayton Visits Students From Music Generation

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Adam Clayton Participates in Walk In My Shoes to Raise Mental Health Awareness

Adam ClaytonAdam Clayton has joined almost 30 Irish bloggers and celebrities who have shared selfies to launch a new campaign by Walk In My Shoes.

The #MindYourSelfie campaign is promoting a series of mental health information eBooks that will be available to schools, colleges, businesses and communities. A hard copy of the pack will also be sent to every school in Ireland.

Sarah Surgenor, head of communications at St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services, asks all social media users to take a selfie and share it using the hashtag #MindYourSelfie and direct people to the Walk In My Shoes site to download the free mental health eBooks.

“It is important to give young people the opportunity to talk about mental health in an informed, supportive environment,” Clayton, a Walk In My Shoes Ambassador, said. “We developed the #MindYourSelfie eBook to provide a valuable and accessible resource for teachers in schools, colleges and businesses who are dealing with mental health issues every day.”

The eBook contains advice on ways to take care of our mental health, warning signs, helpline advice and causes of mental health problems.

Walk in My Shoes is a mental health awareness initiative by St Patrick’s Mental Health Services. Its new campaign, #MindYourSelfie, is a series of mental health information eBooks that will be available to primary and secondary schools, colleges, businesses and communities. Each eBook has a different theme for each sector, and a hard copy of the pack will be sent to every school in Ireland.

Adam Clayton Visits Students From Music Generation

U2 & The Ireland Fund Donate 3 Million Euros to Music Program

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The (Almost) Complete Compendium of U2 Interviews Promoting ‘Songs of Innocence’

U2, Songs of InnocenceThere has been a lot of press, with the band members, especially Bono, making the rounds to radio stations and music magazines everywhere. I’ve attempted to compile them onto one page so they can be browsed. (I want to give a mention to atu2.com as they had noticed some articles/interviews I had missed)

Before getting to the band, there is an interview with U2’s manager, Guy Oseary, on Mashable, where he discussed the new U2 album and the method of distribution.

On the new album and sales: “I’m blown away by it. The [U218 Singles] album is top 10 in 46 countries. A day before the Apple event there was not one U2 album on the iTunes chart. Two days later, there’s 26, so that’s very exciting for me to think that new people are discovering this band and some are rediscovering it. From what I hear, a lot of people are listening to the new album, which is great.” Continue reading