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Emma Stone Talks to First Showing About ‘La La Land’

The complete article:
Emma Stone, Interview
“I feel very excited as of late for what’s to come, whether it works or not.” I can’t say enough how much I adore Damien Chazelle’s musical La La Land. It’s an exhilarating cinematic experience, full of so much joy and happiness, along with superb dancing and exuberant singing and beautiful sets and gorgeous sunsets. Aside from Ryan Gosling, the other co-star of La La Land is Emma Stone. Her first big break out role was playing Jules in Superbad back in 2007, and over the nearly 10 years since she’s earned an Academy Award nomination (for Birdman) and worked with some of the best filmmakers around. I was lucky to spend 15 minutes chatting with Emma about her career and her work on La La Land and it was an absolute delight.

I met Emma at the Telluride Film Festival only days after La La Land had premiered there (and at the Venice Film Festival). I fell head over heels for La La Land at Telluride, writing in my glowing review that “I want everyone else to witness this grand accomplishment and feel as inspired and as amazed by it as I am.” Stone is wonderful in the film, and I am glad I had a few minutes to talk with her about it. She seemed more nervous than I was in the interview, at one point joking that “this could be [her] worst interview ever.” We laughed it off. I asked at the end “aren’t you an expert at interviews now?” She responded: “No… I’m the opposite.” Nevertheless, she was as charming as ever and did her best to answer my questions. Let’s begin…

First Showing: Are you where you want to be in your career now? Are you where you felt like you would be?

Emma Stone: Yes. I guess, yes. Yeah, I feel really excited and reinvigorated – I guess is the word for it. I got to do Cabaret and that’s set on stage in New York and that reset my brain in the craziest way. It was so amazing. And then I did La La and then I did this movie, The Battle of the Sexes, the tennis movie I was telling you about. And it’s been just an amazing past year and a half on those three projects. And it’s been really, really – it’s gotten me so excited about everything. Not that I wasn’t before, but I feel reinvigorated.

FS: Do you have more of a chance to do what you want nowadays?

Emma: I think I’m clearer on what that is nowadays. So I don’t know if it’s a more of a chance or just more of – I think things are easier when you’re clearer on the kind of experience you want to have and not as… Maybe at certain points I felt like, of course, I should attempt something because of a variety of factors. And now I feel a little more aware of a sense of what I might be able to bring to the table, rather than the outside coming in. Maybe that’s maturity. Or maybe I just was a late bloomer. I don’t know what it is. Continue reading

James Marsters Talks to the Miami Herald About ‘Buffy’

The complete article:
James Marsters
Actor James Marsters has always liked going to comic conventions. At 13, he even went dressed as a Vulcan, “gutting it out,” he jokes, when such a thing wasn’t even close to cool.
“What I found was a place where everyone was beautiful and safe and you could be whoever you wanted to be,” says the man who was Spike, the vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer who fell in love with the hero he was trying to kill. “I felt love. There’s a high amount of tolerance for diversity. People at a con are not protecting themselves with cellphones. They’ll take one out to take pictures, but that’s it. Most places I go, people have their heads down staring at their screens. It’s kind of nice to be where there are hundreds of people just being together.”

These days, Marsters, 54, sees conventions from the other side. He’s one of the guests this weekend at the Paradise City Comic Con at the Broward County Convention Center, along with Billy Dee Williams (The Empire Strikes Back), Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and celebrities from shows and movies like Star Trek and Sharknado, anime artists, comic book authors and anybody who likes a bracing dose of cosplay. Continue reading

Eduardo Castro Talks Designing the Costumes of Once Upon a Time

Jennifer Morrison, Emma Swan, Colin O'Donoghue, Captain Hook, Killian Jones, Once Upon a Time, OUATI had the chance to talk with Eduardo Castro, the Emmy-nominated costume designer for Once Upon a Time, and the person behind some of those amazing, beautiful, and crazy costumes we have seen on characters ranging from Rumplestiltskin to Snow White. Castro, the winner of a Costume Designers Guild Award, talked about a range of topics, from the pilot to what to expect for the rest of the season.

Music In the Dark: Red has been very present throughout the show, with Emma in the red dress in the opening shot of the pilot, and then the red leather jacket, and Charming’s red leather. What made you choose to use that color as the sort of signature color? Continue reading

Jennifer Morrison Talks to CBS News

Jennifer Morrison, WarriorJennifer Morrison spoke to CBS News about her television show, Once Upon a Time, her new film, Sun Dogs, and her experience with migraines.

CBS News: Can you talk about your personal connection to working to raise awareness about migraines?

Jennifer Morrison: I started getting migraines about three years ago, and I wasn’t aware that what I was having was actually a migraine because I was confused by the symptoms. So when I heard there was a possibility for bringing awareness to what exactly a migraine was and what we could do to help prevent them, I was like, “I’m in.” It was very personal for me because I wished that there was something like More to Migraine around when I was first trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

CBS: Explaining pain to other people seems to be one of the hardest things to do.

JM: Yeah, and it’s so specific to each person. Everybody has such different experiences with their symptoms that it’s really hard to articulate it.

CBS: What do you hope will be the end result of this campaign?

JM: I hope that people are comforted by the fact that there’s somewhere to turn to get information and also that they can get to the bottom of the problem faster. My hope is that it eliminates some of the panic and fear that people might be having if they don’t understand that what they’re having is a migraine.

CBS: What motivated you to recently start your company, Apartment 3C?

JM: I started directing a couple years ago, and I’ve always had sort of a propensity for it. It’s something that I really naturally gravitate to and I really love and I enjoy. Anthony Tambakis, who wrote Warrior, this film that I was in, saw the short film I directed he was like, “Oh, the tone and style is really right for this script that I’ve had, Sun Dogs, and I think that you should direct it.” We’ve been in full swing to make it happen, so part of that was launching the production company and having that be the umbrella that my directing falls under.

CBS: Where did the name come from?

JM: I went to Loyola University Chicago and my sophomore year, the dorm building I lived in, we were in apartment 3C, and I lived with three of my best girlfriends. And we just had such a great year, it was just one of the best years of my life and I just thought if I was going to look down at letterhead, at the name of a company over and over again for the rest of my life, I wanted it to be something that made me smile.

CBS: Are you excited for where things are going on Once Upon a Time?

JM: Yeah, we’re about to start season six, yeah absolutely. I’m always so blown away by Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis, the two of them, in terms of the storytelling they come up with. The way they intertwine the worlds — and not that but also intertwine fairy tales with literary characters, which is so fun and fascinating, you know? These characters feel so familiar to all of us because we grew up reading them and feeling like they were part of our lives, and to see them all intermixing in a way that is just so creative … I don’t even know how else to put it, I’m so blown away every time I read a script. I’m always very excited to see where they leave things at the end of a season because it’s obviously a huge indicator of where next season’s going.

CBS: Did you know that there’s a rock opera version of it?

JM: I did not know that! That’s amazing!

CBS: It’s pretty impressive, and the cast look remarkably like you and your co-stars.

JM: Oh my gosh, that’s really fun. I love that. There’s nothing better than feeling like creativity inspires creativity, you know? That’s, like, so great, that it’s inspiring people to make other stuff. I love that.

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