Tom Hiddleston Talks to USA Today About ‘Kong Skull Island’ & Playing Loki

Excerpts from the article:
Tom Hiddleston, Kong Skull Island

“I cannot play Loki forever, it’s not possible,” says Hiddleston, who turned 36 last month. “Loki is immortal and I’m deeply mortal.”

“Regeneration, at some point, will be required, I’m not quite sure when,” he says.

Hiddleston was able to craft his James Conrad character with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, changing Conrad from an American military man to a mysterious former British special forces soldier-turned-mercenary. Vogt-Roberts was impressed with both the jungle skills and dashing appeal of his adventure star.

“Tom anchors the movie and does it in a way that’s both throwback adventure hero and also a modern leading man,” says Vogt-Roberts. “That’s a huge feat.”

The adventure hero swashbuckling meant that Hiddleston was up at 4 a.m. daily to work with a former Navy SEAL trainer before hitting the set at 7.

“I lost sleep, blood, sweat and tears,” says Hiddleston. “My trainer had me lifting, pushing, squatting, pulling and all manner of things. And then I would get on set and run around more.”

The training helped effectively pull off the Kong action as Hiddleston’s Conrad is hired to track down the movie monster on a mysterious island. It also ensured Hiddleston fit perfectly into the snug T-shirt that Conrad sports.

Still, Hiddleston never considered seeking the true action-star reward for all his training: the gratuitous shirtless shot. It’s just not his thing. “No one needs to see that,” the actor says. “No, never.”

Hiddleston also enhanced his weapon skills (Loki’s specialty is throwing knives) by incorporating samurai sword training for Kong. He practiced with rubber tubes to perfect his standout sword screen moment, involving a Japanese weapon left on the island. Hiddleston doubts the new weapon will carry over to Thor: Ragnarok in November: “I’ll probably stick to throwing knives and Loki’s mercurial wit.”

“I haven’t played the part in a film properly since The Dark World, which we made in 2012. So it was a long time ago,” Hiddleston says. “It’s still a source of constant surprise that he’s so appreciated. And it’s fun to get back in the saddle again.”

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Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 5 – Episode 22 – Swan Song

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural, gifSupernatural – Season 5 – Episode 22

Swan Song

Plot Moments:
Chuck, Supernatural
Chuck provides the voiceover for the episode, basically telling the entire story as if it’s already happened. He talks about the times Sam and Dean have spent as brothers, rather than hunters, in the Impala.

Dean has decided to back Sam with the Lucifer plan. Sam, Dean, and Castiel get demon blood, which they carry outside in gallon jugs. There’s no better sign that you have come up with a good plan then carrying around gallons of demon blood.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
They all go to Detroit, where Dean is certain Lucifer is waiting. Bobby and Sam have an emotional, but stiff goodbye. Castiel has a confused reaction, not realizing quite how human socialization works. They go in and Sam says yes, and it goes about as well as everyone watching the show expected it to, which is to say it didn’t work, and Sam loses.

Lucifer has a talk with Sam in the mirror, and Lucifer shows Sam that he’s been being watched by demons since childhood.
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Emma Watson Talks to Into the Gloss About Her Sustainable Beauty Routine

Excerpts from the article:
Emma Watson, Into the Gloss
Emma Watson tells In the Gloss about her make-up routine: “There’s something about looking into someone else’s makeup bag — it’s such an intimate glimpse into their personality somehow. When I was a kid and working on Harry Potter, I would always ask the makeup artists, or just anyone, ‘Can I see your makeup bag?’ I loved exploring that way. And my other favorite thing was, while I was having my hair and makeup done, to clean and organize people’s makeup bags. So I would sit there and clean every product and put it all back together again. Anyway, it’s been a passion of mine for a long time. Recently I’ve become super interested in sustainability and transparency and understanding what I’m putting on my face and on my body. It’s been a fun little mission to see how far I can go with it… Can I create a completely sustainable wardrobe? Can I dress sustainably on the red carpet? Can I put together a hair and makeup look with completely organic products? I needed to figure out if it was achievable or not. You can’t talk the talk if you don’t walk the walk. So that’s what I’ve been discovering over the past couple of years.

At first, I didn’t really know the answer. I was doing all this research and came across Content, a cute little shop on the Marylebone High Street. Every week, I would go back and try something different, until one of the girls who works there asked if I wanted to meet Imelda Burke, who runs the store. So I went for lunch with Imelda and we became really close friends. Now I’m lucky enough to be able to text her and ask about any product I find — if she knows if it’s organic or natural or clean and all that. She actually just came out with her own book, which is amazing because she’s just done an insane amount of research. The other way I find out about a lot of my products is on Instagram. I just keep a beady eye out really… Most of my routine keeps to an 80/20 philosophy because it’s very difficult to be a complete purist, especially when working in the film industry. You can end up driving yourself a bit mad and make it more stressful than it should be…

The object for me when applying makeup is you should be able to see as much skin as possible. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve embraced my freckles much more and I want to be able to see them. When we were filming Beauty and the Beast, I insisted on keeping my freckles as a part of the movie. There are so many young girls who are going through puberty who really hate having them, so I felt the need to say that I have them and that I think the look of natural skin is beautiful. I didn’t want to get blanked out!
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Tom Hiddleston Writes About Famine In South Sudan for UNICEF

Tom Hiddleston, South Sudan, Unicef

His article:

Right now, across east Africa, millions of children and their families are facing starvation as a result of civil war, drought and lack of food.

In South Sudan, famine has already been declared in parts of the country – the first time in six years famine has been declared anywhere in the world – and more than 270,000 children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. This is the most deadly form of malnutrition which, if untreated, leads to death.

South Sudan is the newest country in the world, after the declaration of independence from Sudan in 2011. Since civil war broke out in 2013, its dreams of independence and a future of hope have been shattered. Those that bear the brunt of the conflict are, as always, innocent children.

Tom Hiddleston, South Sudan, Unicef

Two years ago I first travelled to South Sudan in my role as a UNICEF UK Ambassador and met malnourished children, who were fighting for their lives. Children who don’t have enough food to eat are at risk of illness and disease: pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria. Children, too often the case in grave emergencies, are always the most vulnerable.

At an emergency feeding centre, I spoke to a mother called Regina with her 15-month-old child, Emmanuela, who was suffering from severe malnutrition. Regina had been caught up in the fighting but managed to escape, traveling miles by foot to reach Wau Shilluk in the north east of the country. Eventually, they arrived at the treatment centre where Emmanuela received lifesaving treatment to bring her back from the brink. Emmanuela is one of many children across the country on the verge of starvation due to a power struggle between political factions which are supposed to be leading the country into prosperity. Sadly, there are currently hundreds of thousands of children like her who need immediate help.

On the same visit, I was privileged to join a UNICEF emergency aid mission by helicopter, called a Rapid Response Mechanism. It is the most efficient and quickest method of delivering life-saving food and supplies to people in remote regions trapped by war. Together with the World Food Program, which delivers emergency food, UNICEF is able to set up stations in the field, where starving children can be given life-saving food, while at the same time they can be immunized for polio and for measles, and collect the names of unaccompanied children in the hope of reunifying them with their parents and families. The team spent a week on the ground spreading the word so that as many people as possible were able to come and receive the treatment they desperately need. It was a remarkable operation; over the course of 2016, UNICEF carried out 190 of these missions, continuing to reach areas that no other humanitarian organization can access. UNICEF have the resources, the skill, the knowledge, and the manpower. But more than that, they have the passion, the courage, and the will.

Tom Hiddleston, South Sudan, Unicef

More must be done, however. Famine has been declared – in part due to restricted access to regions of the country, and UNICEF is working hard to combat this. This week they have launched an emergency famine appeal for urgent donations so that they can continue to provide children and families with life-saving food and supplies, not just in South Sudan but across the east Africa region including countries such as Somalia, which is on the brink of famine as a result of severe drought. We have a window of opportunity with the rest of east Africa to ensure agencies such as UNICEF are given unhindered access to deliver emergency aid and prevent another famine such as the one currently and tragically unfolding in South Sudan.

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Matt Bomer to Receive the Ambassador of Children Award

Matt Bomer, Simon HallsMatt Bomer and his husband, Simon Halls, are set to be honored at the Hollygrove annual Norma Jean Gala on May 18, according to People Weekly.

The couple will be recipients of the Ambassador of Children Award, which works to raise funding for Uplift Family Services, a non-profit organization that provides help to over 1,200 children that are at-risk, and their families, in the Los Angeles area. They also provide behavioral and mental health programs.

“We are so honored to be recognized by Uplift Family Services at Hollygrove in this way and are in awe of the work that they do to support children and families in need,” Bomer and Halls said in a joint statement. “Our family is the centerpiece of our lives, and we understand firsthand how important it is to provide each and every child with the tools they need to succeed. We are thrilled to be involved with an organization that fights so fiercely for this cause, and are looking forward to a wonderful evening of celebrating their work.”

The pair was selected to receive the honor because, “They, through deed and example, embody the values of the organization’s mission, share its passion to strengthen and support children in crisis, and advocate for those most in need,” according to the agency.

The couple has three sons, Kit, and twins Henry and Walker.

Echoed Uplift Family Services’ Regional Executive Director, Elena Judd, in a statement: “We are so excited and proud to have Matt and Simon as our honorees this year,” Elena Judd, the Regional Executive Director of Uplift Family Services said in a statement. “They are both committed to helping those who exist on the margins of our society, especially children, and I’m so thankful they support our work to do whatever it takes to heal the child – and strengthen the whole family.”

The event, which will be held at the W Hollywood Hotel, will feature a three-course dinner, a children’s art gallery, both a silent and a live auction, and a wine wall, and will be sponsored by Houlihan Lokey.

Other attendees include Busy Philipps, Colin Hanks, Peter Weller, Christopher Gorham and costume designer, Janie Bryant.

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Elizabeth Banks Talks to Adweek About Her Partnership With the American Heart Association

The complete article:
Elizabeth Banks
Are you more likely to care about the health of your heart if the message comes from a funny ad? The American Heart Association is hoping that you are.

The AHA has partnered with Elizabeth Banks’ digital media company, WhoHaha, which works to promote funny content by women, on a new campaign for its Healthy for Good movement. Three video shorts — “Gym Hero”, “Food is my Boyfriend” and “Don’t be a Zombie” — were created to help educate Americans about how making small life changes can benefit their hearts.

“The American Heart Association is thrilled to work with WhoHaHa, and we’re excited about the opportunity to engage up-and-coming women comediennes in content that highlights the AHA’s heart health messages in a fun and entertaining way,” said Meighan Girgus, chief marketing and programs officer at the American Heart Association, in a statement.

The content will be distributed on DailyMotion and on WhoHaha’s social channels. The “Gym Heros” spot was written by and stars Deirdre Devlin and Vana Dabney of female sketch comedy team Honest Monster. It was directed by Kai Collins and Deena Adar from production company Quiet Duke.

Adweek caught up with Banks to see why she wanted to partner with the AHA and whether she’s got any Super Bowl plans.

Adweek: Why partner with the American Heart Association? What does this do for WhoHaha?

Elizabeth Banks: What’s so great about this collaboration in my mind is that I sort of got my start directing as a woman in Hollywood with the American Heart Association. I directed and starred in a video for them a few years ago now, and it was very successful and won some awards and was one of the first times that the AHA used humor to hook in the audience about heart disease in women. I feel like this is a way to sort of pass the torch to other content creators.

Adweek: Are you looking to connect more female creators with brands through WhoHaha? If so, does this partnership help?

Elizabeth Banks: This collaboration feels like a case study for how we can interact with brands. This is very much on message for WhoHaha — like let’s use humor and let’s change the world. Let’s focus on women and women’s issues. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women. It beats the top four cancers combined, and it’s an issue that really needs attention. So it’s personal to me on that level. At the same time, it’s a great collaboration with a brand that sort of connects them to our content community, this group of women that we’re fans of, that we’re bringing into our offices every day, and we’re brainstorming with.

Adweek: So you make an effort to have the spots directed and written by women?

Elizabeth Banks: Yeah, this was produced and directed by Kai Collins and Deena Adar, who have a comedy trope, Quiet Duke, and we’ve featured some content from Quiet Duke on our site already. They are really great at production, so we wanted to promote them. It was created and written by Deirdre Devlin and Vana Dabney, who have a group called Honest Monster — everybody’s got a group [laughs] — and we were fans of their content as well. They’re very likeable and relatable and feel really real and still fun. We were also able to put other people featured on the platform into the content as well. So Alex Lynn Ward, who we do a ton of content with, Laura Hartley, Jaime Janek and Nina Daniels are in it.

It was just a really great way to bring our community together and give them a common goal. We shot the whole thing over three days last month, and we had the editing team on it. All women, women, women, women. I don’t want to say the entire crew was women — I recall a male sound person — but we really do our best, especially when it comes to the content creation and the leadership roles on set. Those are all women.

Adweek: How did the content creation work for this effort?

Elizabeth Banks: We sort of took the research that the AHA has and translated it into funny concepts. The research tells us that if you have a workout buddy, someone that you are responsible for, you are going to work out more. We took that concept and put it into “Gym Heros.” The idea of literally dragging your ass to work out, I just loved that. It feels really relatable and it goes to the heart of women’s issues, making it relatable to women and women’s lives, integrating activity where you can in your daily life.

Adweek: Will you be in any Super Bowl spots this year? Should we look out for you?

Elizabeth Banks: I actually directed a Super Bowl ad for Persil, the laundry detergent, and I’m really excited for that. Speaking to the whole notion women don’t get to direct a lot of commercials, it was a really fun experience.

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Eleanor Tomlinson Talks to The Hamilton Spectator

The complete article:
Aidan Turner, Ross Poldark, Eleanor Tomlinson, Demelza Poldark, Poldark
Eleanor Tomlinson sports the talent and the looks to be an actress. But she possesses something else that has kept her performing since she was a child — a fierce determination.

“I was 11 when I started acting, so you don’t take the word ‘no’ on board. If you want to do something, you just do it. I was very much like that,” she says in the hallway outside a hotel conference room here.

“I am quite a competitive person, not so much in sports. I’m useless in sports, but when it comes to amazing roles,” she shrugs.

“You’re going up against the same people all the time often, and that becomes quite difficult. Then someone takes a chance on you, someone gambles.”

Someone took a big gamble on the British Tomlinson when she insisted on trying out for the role of the fiery Demelza in PBS’ Poldark, returning for another season on Sunday.

The producers wanted her for the part of the cultured Elizabeth. “I thought, ‘If I don’t ask, I’m never going to get anywhere.’

“I said, ‘May I please audition for the other role?’ At first they said, ‘We don’t think you’re right for it.’ I said, ‘I really want to try because I think I can do it, and I really want to challenge myself as an actress.’ So they let me audition. And here we are,” she grins, resting her hands on the lap of her black minidress.

It wasn’t quite that easy. She had to tryout three times.

“I did one audition by myself, the second audition was with all of the producers so they kind of see your performance. And the third audition was a screen test with Aidan (Turner, who plays Poldark); a chemistry test to see how we got on on camera.

“I was terrified. There’s always another girl in the waiting room. And you can’t help look each other up and down and go, ‘OK, there’s the competition.’ It’s hard.”

Tomlinson should know better. She comes from a family of actors. Her mother, father and brother are all actors. She was just a child when she intercepted her father’s agent and insisted she represent her. Though the agent had no child clients, she agreed.

And Tomlinson, 24, has worked pretty steadily ever since. Though she’s fiercely focused on her career (no time for a sweetheart, she says) she’s been through trying times.

She was just 19 when she left home for London to blaze a trail. It was the same day her pet dog died. He’d been with the family since Eleanor was two. “When he passed away the bottom fell out of my world. He was like a brother,” she says.

“It took a really long time to get over it … He died and I moved out and I never went home again to live. I think I just told myself that’s life. You’ve lost something you loved so much, but that’s what life is. People come and they go and it’s horrendous, but you can’t have them forever. I’m sure he’s running around in some amazing field now,” she brightens.

While she’s meticulous about her work, she denies she’s so exacting in her life.

“I’m quite a creative person. I surround myself with things I like. My flat is like a film set,” she laughs.

“I surround myself with creative people as well. All my friends are all in the industry and are all very creative, so that’s really nice. I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist,” she muses.

“I know exactly what I want and just need to be given the opportunities to try it. I have a strong will. You take knocks, of course, you have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. My God, the amount of times I have wept having not got a job, going ‘I can’t do this anymore. It’s so ruthless.’

“A week or so later an audition comes in and you pick yourself up, and you go in, and you act like your heart hasn’t been broken. It’s a bizarre life.”

Between assignments, Tomlinson says, “I’m awful for arguing with myself. If I have any time off, I always feel like I should be doing something else. I should be reading scripts, I should be reading a book.

“Instead I’ll sit in my dressing gown and eat chocolate all morning and not leave the house. It’s such a guilty pleasure, but I’m full of self-loathing after I’ve done it.”

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Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 6 – Episode 21 – Two Minutes to Midnight

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Mark Shepperd, Crowley, SupernaturalSupernatural – Season 6 – Episode 21

Two Minutes to Midnight

Plot Summary:

We open with Pestilence torturing old people with mix-n-match diseases.
Misha Collins, Castiel, Supernatural
Castiel calls Dean from the hospital, where it appears he just suddenly showed up, somewhat human, after the incident in Van Nuys.

The brothers go after Pestilence and it doesn’t go well, as they both end up very infected. Somehow they manage to get to Pestilence, who is extremely perky, without Sam accidentally stabbing anyone with the knife he’s waving around while delirious. As he shouts about people being MESSY and WEAK, Pestilence seems to demonstrate some daddy issues. Castiel shows up and helps and does a fake out, cutting off Pestilence’s finger, so they do manage to get the ring, but Pestilence tells them it’s too late.

Bobby tells them about a mass death about to occur in Chicago, and when they question where he got the information, Bobby brushes them off, but Crowley makes an appearance to throw him under the bus. Their disbelief that he’d done that is short lived as Sam inquires if Bobby kissed him. Bobby vehemently denies it, but Crowley whips out his camera. He took a selfie during the moment.

Crowley than figures out Death’s plan, which is to spread the Croatoan virus as a vaccine against Swine flu. The camera than cuts to death getting out of a classic car and walking with a fashionable cane in slow motion to music that feels like it may have been lifted from the Outlander opening credits.
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