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Emma Watson Talks to Into the Gloss About Her Sustainable Beauty Routine

Excerpts from the article:
Emma Watson, Into the Gloss
Emma Watson tells In the Gloss about her make-up routine: “There’s something about looking into someone else’s makeup bag — it’s such an intimate glimpse into their personality somehow. When I was a kid and working on Harry Potter, I would always ask the makeup artists, or just anyone, ‘Can I see your makeup bag?’ I loved exploring that way. And my other favorite thing was, while I was having my hair and makeup done, to clean and organize people’s makeup bags. So I would sit there and clean every product and put it all back together again. Anyway, it’s been a passion of mine for a long time. Recently I’ve become super interested in sustainability and transparency and understanding what I’m putting on my face and on my body. It’s been a fun little mission to see how far I can go with it… Can I create a completely sustainable wardrobe? Can I dress sustainably on the red carpet? Can I put together a hair and makeup look with completely organic products? I needed to figure out if it was achievable or not. You can’t talk the talk if you don’t walk the walk. So that’s what I’ve been discovering over the past couple of years.

At first, I didn’t really know the answer. I was doing all this research and came across Content, a cute little shop on the Marylebone High Street. Every week, I would go back and try something different, until one of the girls who works there asked if I wanted to meet Imelda Burke, who runs the store. So I went for lunch with Imelda and we became really close friends. Now I’m lucky enough to be able to text her and ask about any product I find — if she knows if it’s organic or natural or clean and all that. She actually just came out with her own book, which is amazing because she’s just done an insane amount of research. The other way I find out about a lot of my products is on Instagram. I just keep a beady eye out really… Most of my routine keeps to an 80/20 philosophy because it’s very difficult to be a complete purist, especially when working in the film industry. You can end up driving yourself a bit mad and make it more stressful than it should be…

The object for me when applying makeup is you should be able to see as much skin as possible. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve embraced my freckles much more and I want to be able to see them. When we were filming Beauty and the Beast, I insisted on keeping my freckles as a part of the movie. There are so many young girls who are going through puberty who really hate having them, so I felt the need to say that I have them and that I think the look of natural skin is beautiful. I didn’t want to get blanked out!
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Sam Heughan Designs Collection for Barbour

Sam Heughan, BarbourSam Heughan of Outlander is designing his own capsule collection for Barbour. He was recently named a brand ambassador and has dramatically boosted it’s appeal to a new audience.

“Standing on a battle field with a bunch of Highlanders is a far cry from high fashion,” Heughan recently told Harper’s Bazaar. His work with the brand on a special range for Autumn/Winter 2017 will be in shops in July 2017.

The Scottish actor was chatting during a visit to the firm’s New York offices on Madison Avenue, where fans had gathered overnight to greet him.

“I grew up in the South West of Scotland in the same area that John Barbour created Barbour and it feels like there’s a great connection,” Hughes said in a press release. “I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be working with them.”

Sam recalled the last time he was was in New York, earlier this year for the Tartan Day parade, of which Scotland Now is a media partner.

“It was cold, wet, miserable Scottish weather and people came out to support us,” Heughan said. “The whole of 6th Avenue was lined with tartan, Scottie dogs, pipes and drummers.”

The filming of Season 3 in the hit TV drama is expected to take 11 months and will finish in May 2017, in South Africa.

“We’ll be finishing in South Africa, which is pretty awesome,” Heughan said. “So we’re going to be shooting there. And then Season Four will start not long after that.”

Sam’s character, Jamie Fraser, will be put through a multitude of tests and trials in Season 3 of Outlander, not the least of which will be surviving the horrors of Culloden.

“This season is honestly really strong, already feels that we’ve shot some really exciting stuff,” he added. “I’m trying to talk around spoilers and not give anything away, but I mean Culloden, we’ve talked about it a lot. We all know that we’ve been shooting that. It looks spectacular. There’s some great stuff in this book.”
Sam Heughan, Barbour
According to Sam, they’ve already shot two episodes for the new season. He also mentioned about how thrilled he is about the highly anticipated reunion between Jamie and Claire, played by Caitriona Balfe.

When asked about what he was most excited to shoot in Season 3, he said: “Jamie’s storyline is really exciting. He has to go through a lot before him and Claire are reunited, so I guess being reunited with his true love, his wife.”

As Season 2 ended, the lovers were torn apart and Claire was sent back to her own time. A heart-wrenching 20 years will pass before they are brought together again.

Fans already knew the third season of Outlander would be based on Diana Gabaldon’s novel Voyager, but in the interview Sam also mentioned material from her book The Scottish Prisoner.

The Scottish Prisoner is one of the novels in the Lord John Grey series, and chronicles much of the early part of Jamie and Lord John’s friendship.

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Costume Designer Talks to Teen Vogue

The complete article:
Pretty Little Liars, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery
We’re still reeling from the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. And as much as we love the drama of the hit TV show, we also adore the fashion. When you have Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, and Ashley Benson in the cast, you can pretty much count on statement-making style.

Dressing the show’s myriad of characters is no easy task, but Cameron Dale handles the workload with ease. She actually got the call for the coveted role while she was traveling in Spain. “I was interviewing on Skype for the job. It was crazy. I would interview at 10 p.m. in San Sebastian with the producers in Los Angeles and then head out for dinner. And by the time I reached my next destination in Ireland, I had booked the job. The day after I returned to Los Angeles and began shopping for the cast.”

Here, Cameron dishes on the show’s fashion, working with our favorite PLL actors, how you can shop the looks from the show, and so much more.

Teen Vogue: Let’s take it back to the season premiere episode. Which brands did you use?

Cameron Dale: I love the French brands Sandro and Maje for Lucy Hale. Lucy wears a Sandro top with a cute cropped All Saints jacket in the premiere episode. Emily wears a Zara denim coat and a jumper by Velvet Heart. Poor Hanna is in undies and a Gap tank top being tortured all episode. These girls have really been through the ringer. Spencer starts out in an amazing Roland Mouret dress since it’s a direct cut from our finale episode from last season where she’s fancy for her Mom’s party. She quickly changes into Frame jeans and Adidas so she can help find Hanna. Continue reading

Diane Kruger & Jason Wu Talk to Vogue Australia

The complete article:
Diane Kruger, Jason Wu
The designer and fashion icon-cum-actress share the story of their seven-year friendship with Vogue.

This article originally appeared in the September 2016 issue of Vogue Australia.

They vacation together, do Coachella together and cook together. Fashion designer Jason Wu, 33 (who dressed Michelle Obama for both inaugural balls and who, in addition to helming his own line, serves as artistic director for Boss women’s wear), and actress Diane Kruger, 40, live oceans away from their flesh-and-blood families, so they’ve become each other’s surrogate clan. Here, they speak of their long friendship.

Jason Wu: “I met you in 2009, I believe. It was early in my career. You asked for a dress to wear to the Cannes Film Festival.”

Diane Kruger: “It was cream and strapless, and I remember you came yourself to fit me in it! We immediately hit it off.”

JW: “Yes! We just clicked. Obviously, I was a huge fan of yours already. I’d seen you at events and you always stood out because you have this strong sense of self. But at the fittings, then and at every one since, we had one-on-one conversations; there weren’t 10 people between us, so we bonded.”

DK: “We genuinely like each other and have a respect for each other as artists. And we have a similar sense of humour.” Continue reading

Edun Helps Build Greenhouses to Feed African Children

Bono, Palm Springs Film FestivalEdun and J. Crew have partnered with the non-profit organization With My Own Two Hands to provide funds for a greenhouse at the St. Anne’s Orphanage in Kekopey, Kenya.

The non-profit organization is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned children in Africa. The new greenhouse will benefit the orphanage by decreasing the need to purchase greens and vegetables to feed the children. The greenhouse will also provide food to be sold to the surrounding community, generating additional income for the orphanage.

Edun is a fashion brand that is dedicated to sourcing production, encouraging trade, and providing jobs in Africa. The new collaboration features a children’s t-shirt designed by Edun and inspired by the Ndebele people of South Africa. The shirts were produced entirely in Kenya and are being sold through J. Crew’s Garmets for Good web site.

“We’re very thankful for the opportunity to partner with great companies like J.Crew and EDUN,” Lindsey Pluimer, the founder and CEO of With My Own Two Hands, said. “The funds raised from this project are already making a difference in these children’s lives, which were so difficult before arriving at St. Ann’s. The children do not have consistent access to iron rich diets and we know this greenhouse will fill that need and really allow them to thrive. This greenhouse is also another step in the process towards achieving financial independence and stability.”

Edun was founded by Ali Hewson and Bono, the lead singer of U2.
Ali Hewson
“We initially got involved with the St. Ann’s Orphanage because EDUN’s factory was so close by,” Ali Hewson said. “The founder of the orphanage, Irene, introduced us to the children and we knew that it was something we wanted to support. The collaboration between J. Crew’s Garments for Good, EDUN and With My Own Two Hands has been such a pleasure to work on. We’re looking forward to seeing the completed greenhouse and all the much needed produce it will provide to these amazing children.”

For more information on With My Own Two Hands Foundation, including ways to get involved, visit

Bono To Launch Sunglasses Line

U2 & the Ireland Fund Donate 3 Million Euros To Music Program

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Shay Mitchell Launches Fitness Clothing Line

Shay MitchellShay Mitchell, one of the stars of Pretty Little Liars, has teamed up with Kohl’s to launch a new fitness apparel line.

The new collection is called “Fit to Wander” and ranges in price from $24 to $48 with sports bras, leggings, tanks and tees available. Each item is embroidered with a positive affirmation to provide motivation while working out. Examples include, “Wherever you wander, be all there” and “Strive to be the best version of you”.
Shay Mitchell
“The Fit to Wander line speaks to my personal philosophy of embracing all that life has to offer and being the best you can be,” Mitchell said in a press statement. “I’m thrilled to share that philosophy with Kohl’s customers looking for apparel that fits their lifestyle.” Continue reading

Keira Knightley Featured In Net-A-Poter Magazine The Edit

Keira KnightleyKeira Knightley is featured in the latest issue of The Edit for Net a Porter.

On gender equality in Hollywood: “The people who make movies, whether it’s directors or producers, or money people, look for things that they can identify with and if they’re all predominantly middle-aged white men, then what you see are things that middle-aged white men can identify with. And you don’t get anything for anybody else. A friend of mine just had a daughter. It’s a political thing, having a baby girl, in a way that it isn’t for a boy. You think, ‘Oh isn’t this fairy-tale lovely?’ Then suddenly you worry, ‘What am I planting with that? I don’t want her to be waiting around for a man to fix her problems. Maybe it’s a bit silly, but because equality is going so hugely the other way, I think it probably does take being silly to try and swing it back around.”

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