Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 12 – Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover

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Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 12 – Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover

Any episode that has background information on Casey is always a good one, and frequently hilarious and this episode is both. It opens in 2004, where we see Casey is undercover as an energy consultant and in a relationship with a foreign reporter, Ilsa, who is blown up in the opening sequence.

Important Moments:

Casey looks legitimately upset when he finds Ilsa’s camera in the rubble after the explosion, one of the few and far between moments, especially earlier on in the series, where we see Casey have a vulnerable side.
Later in the episode, Casey sees Ilsa while undercover at a hotel, and they find out that she is engaged to the bad guy, Dmitri. Casey says that she didn’t know what he really did while they were involved, and Chuck suggests she may not know what her fiancé really does now either, so they go on a late night stakeout together, where, of course, hilarity ensues.

Best Moments:

Chuck flashes on a bunch of names from a computer, including the information that Ilsa called Casey “Sugar Bear” as a nickname. When Chuck asks Casey about it, he threatens him, pushing him against the wall by his neck. Casey tells Chuck to nod if he understands him, and he can’t really nod, so instead Casey just repeatedly bangs Chuck’s head into the wall.

Chuck goes to Sarah to talk about the situation with Casey’s ex-girlfriend and asks Sarah to go with him to the hotel to find out more information because he’s curious. Sarah sounds skeptical, but when Chuck asks her if she’s curious, she has a smile that says she is so very on board.

Chuck flashes on something that Ilsa gave Casey, and they realize that Dmitri knows Ilsa is a spy. Casey is drunk, so Chuck points out that he can’t legally drive. Casey agrees and tells Chuck to drive.

Chuck spies on Casey in the end as he says goodbye to Ilsa (he has a facial expression that makes it look like he’s about to bite her?) and Chuck smiles when Casey kisses her.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Casey fights with Dmitri’s bodyguards in a hotel room while still tied to Chuck, who shouts out tips, like incoming, six o’clock and a lot of random sound effects and fearful narration. Sarah has a gun to the head of another guard and is looking for Chuck when she hears him girlishly screaming from the balcony of the hotel. At that moment, Chuck and Casey, still tied together, go flying over the balcony railing and into the pool, Chuck screaming on the way down. Neil Diamond begins playing in the background as Casey walks, dripping, out of the pool to object to the wedding. All the bodyguards pull guns on Casey and Dmitri orders them killed. Sarah steps out with her gun, and Dmitri scoffs at her. Sarah puts her gun down, but manages to kick it to Ilsa, who then puts the gun to Dmitri’s head. Win!

Funniest Moments:

Casey is dealing with an irate customer in the beginning of the episode, and is about to beat him to death before Chuck comes over. Casey’s facial expression is hilarious.

While Sarah is working in the hotel, she gets attacked and knocks the attacker out, with Chuck watching and making pained sound effects as she beats the guy up. Chuck answers her and pretends to be Casey, then tries to deliver the package, a bug, on his own. Of course, in typical Chuck fashion, Ilsa returns while Chuck is still in the room so he hides under the bed. It turns out that Casey is with her, and Chuck is stuck listening to Ilsa and Casey making out on the bed when Chuck’s phone goes off. Casey hears the phone and realizes Chuck is there. Chuck tells Casey that Ilsa is a bad girl because he flashed on things in her room, when it turns out that she is a French spy. At that moment, the fiancé wanders in. At this point, Casey has joined Chuck under the bed, where Casey is ready to shoot the guy, though Chuck stops him before he accidentally shoots Ilsa.

Ellie and Awesome show up at the Buy More to buy an anniversary gift and they disagree about what to buy, with a bit of a gender flip where Ellie wants a big screen TV and Awesome wants a washing machine. Morgan tries to act as their retail therapist to help them decide.

At the same time, Awesome is playing cards with Jeff, Lester and Morgan while he and Ellie are in an argument because he bought the dryer. They try to give him advice, but he sees how pathetic they are, and realizes he needs to fix things with Ellie.

Sarah shows up looking for Chuck, and finds Ellie alone and drinking. She says she’s by herself and then starts crying. Sarah looks lost.

Awesome comes home at the end and Morgan expects to get punched for what he thinks it looks like happened with Ellie after he kept her company while she was drunk and upset the night before. Awesome doesn’t even consider that anything would have happened, which offends Morgan. Awesome apologizes to Ellie and shows her he returned the washing machine and got the television.

Chuck tells Casey he thinks it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship and Casey pushes him into the bushes.

Awesome Soundtrack Moment:

After everything that happens with Ilsa, Casey sits alone in his apartment with scotch, listening to Neil Diamond. It’s so pathetic, especially for Casey, that it’s heartwarmingly hilarious.

Best Lines:

“Sir, I repeat, I cannot offer you a refund without a valid receipt.” – Casey

“Casey, you’re hurting the intersect.” – Chuck

“Casey, you’re going to have to deliver the package. I’ve got a body to take care of. Keys in the sugar.” – Sarah

“What’s your dream?” – Chuck
“You’re looking at it.” – Casey, drunk and alone, listening to Neil Diamond

“I need pants!” – Casey

“Casey, I don’t want to die as a man stewardess!” – Chuck
“Relax. I think I see a scenario where we both get out of here with acceptable losses.” – Casey
“What exactly is your version of acceptable?” – Chuck
“Breaks and punctures, possible loss of a limb, no major organ damage.” – Casey

“Try two little girls.” – Ilsa

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