Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 11 – Chuck Versus the Crown Vic

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Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 11 – Chuck Versus the Crown Vic

Following one of my favorite episodes is this one, which is admittedly, not. Though even a not quite as good episode of Chuck is still a great episode of television and this episode does have some great moments.

Important Moments:

The episode doesn’t pick up after the cliffhanger from the previous episode, instead picking up the next day, with Chuck at the Buy More. Casey points out to him that Sarah’s car isn’t in its usual place, which Chuck of course tries to brush off initially, saying he didn’t notice. Later, after Chuck flashes on a fake $100 bill, he is in a meeting with Casey and General Beckman, and Sarah is still suspiciously absent, drawing out the suspense regarding her decision. She does, however, show up in the scene at the last minute. This meeting is followed up by one of the tensest conversations between Chuck and Sarah to ever occur on the show, though the conversation stays relatively tense throughout the episode.
Later, after Chuck and Sarah go undercover to meet Lon, the bad guy, Sarah is invited onto his yacht. Chuck says it’s kind of disrespectful to your boyfriend, and Sarah quickly replies that Bryce isn’t her boyfriend, and even if he were, he would understand that type of work. Chuck was referring to her fake boyfriend, Charles Carmichael, so it creates an awkward moment for Sarah.

Sarah shows up at Chuck’s house after Lon’s boat is raided to yell at him for letting his emotions get in the way and they have another fight. Chuck asks her why she kissed him before they thought they were going to die. She doesn’t answer him.

The episode ends with Casey getting a call from General Beckman that implies that he is going to be ordered to eliminate, yes KILL, Chuck soon.

Best Moments:

When Chuck and Sarah are at the betting table, Sarah asks Lon how he chose to focus his charitable efforts on Taiwan. His answer is ridiculous, and Sarah says, “How noble,” as Chuck chokes sarcastically on his drink.

When Chuck flashes on boxes on the boat in the picture Morgan sent him, he goes to Casey with the information, and Casey sends him away. When he takes the information to Sarah, she doesn’t even question him, but instead leaps over the counter in full Weinerlicious uniform and says, “Let’s go.”

Chuck and Sarah make up at the end of the episode, and Sarah tells him that he’s good at his spy job. Chuck’s smile shows how important her opinion is to him.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

When Chuck and Sarah arrive at the marina to rescue Morgan and Anna, who have been kidnapped by Lon, Casey is already there and waiting, bulletproof vest and gun at the ready. All three of them run towards the boat, very action-movie style.

Chuck and Sarah have a fake argument (that is kinda hilarious!) that is intercut with Casey sneaking on board the ship, before Sarah and Casey start fighting with the bad guys.

The bad guy fires the rocket and it goes right under Chuck’s legs. His facial expression is priceless. Chuck is then able to reset the rocket with different GPS coordinates to save Morgan and Anna. Unfortunately, he blows up Casey’s car, something Casey is none too happy about.

Funniest Moments:

Morgan confronts Anna about her lying about going out, thinking she’s cheating on him. He says he knew because he was hiding in the bushes, as if that isn’t completely creepy and weird. Anna doesn’t even seem very freaked out about it.

Chuck is about to knock on Sarah’s hotel room door when Sarah says to come in, as if she knew he was there. The expression on his face is hilarious.

Morgan shows up to meet Anna’s parents on his bike, where he gives it to the valet.

Chuck is sitting in the Buy More, eating Chinese food and flipping through the photos of Sarah on his iPhone. Who hasn’t been there?

Awesome T-shirt:

Casey is hilariously wearing a t-shirt that reads, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

Best Lines:

“Decided to take up bird watching?” – Casey

“Agent Walker and I don’t do a lot of fraternizing in off hours.” – Casey

“Bitches ain’t nothing but tricks and hos.” – Jeff, delivered so bizarrely that it’s hilarious

“I know, okay. You weren’t home last night, Anna. You went out. I was in the bushes on a stakeout with my iPod and corned beef.” – Morgan

“What did you swallow this time?” – Chuck, in response to Morgan saying he thinks he made a huge mistake

“Since when do you drink martinis?” – Sarah
“Oh, I don’t, no, but Carmichael loves them.” – Chuck

“I always bet on red because it reminds me of all the pain and suffering in the world.” – Lon

“Someone needs to protect the intersect.” – Casey
“Well, that’s very thoughtful. Thank you very much, I guess.” – Chuck
“Plus, I didn’t want to miss any gun play.” – Casey

“Put the rocket launcher down.” – Chuck

“I hate this assignment.” – Casey, right before they blow up his car

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