White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 4 – Flip of the Coin

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White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 4 – Flip of the Coin

Important Moments:

Elizabeth shows up at the FBI because her friend Dana’s husband, John Mitchell, is wanted for stealing gold coins. Peter looks up the file and it looks really bad. Neal advises Elizabeth that her friend should tell her husband to turn himself in. Elizabeth says that’s exactly what he’s doing, turning him in to Peter.

John tells Peter that a guy from the State Department, Ames, asked him to bring things into the country. They find John Mitchell’s fingerprints on the gold, and they are all left-handed prints. Neal realizes the prints are from Mitchell having drinks with Ames.

Elizabeth asks Dana about her husband and it turns out there was a female reporter embedded in his unit. Ames forgot his hat at the bar, which could explain hair fibers found on the gold.

Peter and Neal go to see the reporter, Alisha Teagen. Peter makes it a point of having security inform Teagan that the FBI was there and asks Neal, who was left in the lobby, to observe her response to the news.

Neal comes in with tons of coffee and pastries, looking like a busy assistant. To get past security, he tells the guy his card is in his pocket, and since his hands are full, turns his back pocket toward the guard, so he can grab it. The guard tells him it’s fine and waves him through.

When Peter talks to Alisha, she says that Mitchell wasn’t very memorable. While he is interviewing her, Neal is copying documents, illegally. After the interview, Neal tells Peter that he saw her lock something in a drawer. He assures Peter that he didn’t steal it, but he photocopies it. He calls Mozzie to run it down.

After Elizabeth asks Peter to give them some girl time, Peter shows up at Neal’s apartment with wine (for Neal) and beer (for him).

Peter asks Mozzie about what he found at the pawn shop.

Neal talks to Tegan under cover as a guy with a story about a cover-up in Iraq. He basically accuses her on camera. She then confesses to Peter back at the FBI, but says she didn’t set Mitchell up, that Ames did. Peter then tells her she’s going to participate in a set-up.

The FBI gives Neal a Mercedes to use to pose as a buyer. They tell him to make it work. He gets Mozzie and they pose as FBI agents that need to confiscate a limo that was involved in a crime. During the set-up, Alisha starts to lose it, resulting in Ames pulling a gun on Neal. It ends up in a gun chase, with Peter hiding as Ames is shooting at him.

Meanwhile, Mozzie is sitting in the limo, drinking Champagne and listening to opera. He sees Ames, puts it in drive, and runs Ames over, telling Peter, “I was never here.”

The Kate Saga:

Neal is still staring at the wine bottle. He has figured out that it’s a map.

Peter and Mozzie start mocking Neal’s Kate search, while Neal is sitting right there in front of them.

Best Quotes:

“Is it the crying?” – Neal

“I thought some female intuition would be helpful.” – Peter
“Dana started crying, didn’t she?” – Neal
“I didn’t even do anything. I had no idea what went wrong.” – Peter

“I thought you’d be taller.” – Peter
“Me too.” – Mozzie

“Moz, you lived in a storage unit.” – Neal

“Did you draw on my face?” – Mozzie

“We gave him a Mercedes.” – Peter
“I guess he made it work.” – Jones

“You’re with the FBI.” – Ames
“Technically, I’m just a consultant, she’s with the FBI.” – Neal

“Looks like we have a stand-off.” – Neal
“No, we don’t. Shoot him, then I’ll have you on murder, too.” – Cruz


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