Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 7 – Chuck Versus the Alma Mater

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Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 7 – Chuck Versus the Alma Mater

Important Moments:

The episode opens with some technology that explains a little bit about how the intersect works, explaining how Chuck could end up with it as a result of an e-mail. In the same scene, we find out that a Stanford professor has some sort of secret information, and he made a mistake with it, resulting in some tough looking guy showing up at his office. We find out later that the professor was a former professor of Chuck’s from when he was attending Stanford, and was the professor that kicked him out of school.

Chuck flashes on himself, and find out he is in the Intersect. Casey and Sarah have no idea why he is in it.

Chuck has a flashback to the moment when he was accused of not only cheating on the exam, but also selling copies of the tests from an anonymous tip from a student. (Bryce! So mean!) The moment is kind of heartbreaking. However, it also leads Chuck to realize what the numbers from the professor mean.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

This time Chuck saves the day on purpose, so major credit for that, as he thinks quickly and calls all the CIA agents that are on a cd list to help Sarah and Casey, who have been surrounded in a classroom at Stanford.

Weirdest Moment:

Chuck and Morgan are in the break room and Tang, their boss, walks in. He tells Morgan that he’s soft like pudding, then pokes Morgan’s stomach and sucks on his finger as if he just dipped it in pudding. Um, weird, and also – disgusting.

Notable Guest Star:

Matt Bomer is back as Bryce Larson, first showing up as Chuck flashes back to the day he left Stanford, where Bryce is incredibly cold to him.

Chuck has another flashback of him and Bryce playing rubber dart tag (?) in the library, and it’s a fun scene, with undertones hinting at what Bryce did when he tricks Chuck into losing.

Best Moments:

While it’s also an important moment, the scene when Chuck watches the meeting between Bryce and the professor, and Chuck finds out the Bryce framed him for cheating to save him is an amazing scene. Chuck finds out that his best friend didn’t actually betray him, after all those years of feeling so bad about it, and he can’t even talk to Bryce about it now. (Or so he thinks…)

The show ends with Chuck picking the photo of him and Bryce out of the dumpster and having a flashback to a happier memory of his friendship with Bryce – the day they met at Stanford, when Bryce (Matt Bomer at his most likeable best) shared his enthusiasm for video games and introduced Chuck to Jill, who would become his girlfriend.

Awesome Soundtrack Moment:

Chuck is looking through some of his old Stanford stuff to “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis. The episode later bookends with the same song playing as Chuck flashes back to a memory of Bryce that now has a more positive viewpoint.


This is the first episode where both Chuck and the audience see that so much of what Chuck has based his beliefs and ideology on is untrue. His nemesis is really his friend, and later much of what he knows about the Intersect and his parents go through similar transformations. These moments showcase that Chuck is not a bitter person and doesn’t hold a grudge. He’s very understanding and quick to forgive.

Best Lines:

“It says here the crossbow is his weapon of choice.” – Sarah
“Oh what, slingshot too ineffective?” – Chuck

“He could have an accident. I’m just saying, I know a guy, very reasonable.” – Anna

“I know, I know, stay in the car.” – Chuck

“I swear, this school has it in for me.” – Chuck

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