Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 2 – Chuck Versus the Helicopter

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Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 2 – Chuck Versus the Helicopter

Best Moments:

Chuck and Casey are running through the parking lot, appearing to be doing something important, and then Casey tackles the bad guy and Chuck has to stop him as it turns out it’s just a shop lifter.

The entire episode, Casey is making Chuck afraid of Sarah, while at the same time, Sarah is making Chuck afraid of Casey.

Casey has a story where Sarah worked with Bryce (Matt Bomer!) and since he was rogue, she might be rogue, too. Casey showing up stopped her from getting the intersect from Chuck, and just as his story is starting to sound plausible, the phone rings, but it’s neither of their phones. “NSA incinerator! Run!” Chuck shouts as they both run out of the car for cover. They stop and nothing happens. Casey is looking at Chuck likes he is an idiot, when all of a sudden…BOOM!

Casey shows up for the meet the girlfriend dinner. Casey and Sarah spend the entire meal giving each other looks of suspicion. Chuck just acts incredibly awkward.

Important Moments:

It turns out that Dr. Zarnov, the episode’s villain, didn’t die in a car accident, but is actually evil. He kidnaps Sarah and they head to the Buy More for the big showdown of the episode, something all fans know is a regular occurrence, though in this episode it happens to just be Morgan, not Sarah, who has been kidnapped. Moving on…

In trying to save Sarah, Chuck manages to get kidnapped and then accidentally tranquilizes the pilot. A fight ensues and Chuck has to land the helicopter the doctor was trying to make his getaway in.

Chuck wears his dad’s suit to go to Bryce’s funeral.

General Beckman, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey’s government liaison, says the new intersect will be up and running in six months and then Casey would “do what you do best,” which is killing. Uh-oh!

Coolest Action Sequence/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Sarah and Casey fight in the Weinerlicious, and Sarah uses shishkabob sticks and a mop as a weapon, while Casey uses a plastic fork and a chair.

Best Lines:

“Our most valuable secrets have been sent to an idiot.” – General Beckman
“At least they weren’t sent to his friend.” – reply to General Beckman

“Oh my god! Is she okay?” – Chuck, responding to Casey telling him that Sarah tried to kill him.

“WAIT?” – Chuck, every five seconds after he has the flash about Sarah poisoning people at a dinner.

“I have a strong aversion to needles.” – Chuck
“Do it!” – Casey

“I laced my quiches with microbots.” – Casey
“You’re not kidding, are you?” – Chuck
“I don’t kid about quiche.” – Casey

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