Phoebe Tonkin Featured In Coveteur

Excerpts from the article:
Phoebe Tonkin, Coveteur
…With Coveteur-alum Phoebe Tonkin, we walked between the canals and the beach filled with tarot card readers, graffiti, and rollerbladers galore — it doesn’t get more L.A. than that! Below, Phoebe’s take on Coco…

Coveteur: If Gabrielle Chanel was alive today, how do you think she would wear the Gabrielle bag?

Phoebe Tonkin: “I think she would wear it across both shoulders, as she is a woman on the go, and wearing it this way allows her to move comfortably from fitting to meeting to cocktail party.”
Phoebe Tonkin, Coveteur
Coveteur: What would her coffee order be?

Phoebe Tonkin: “Café au Lait!”
Phoebe Tonkin, Coveteur
Coveteur: Who do you think her best friend would be?

Phoebe Tonkin: “Gabrielle was a big advocate of the arts, so I would like to think she would be friends with strong, creative women like Sam Taylor Johnson and Sofia Coppola, and intelligent, powerful women like Arianna Huffington.”
Phoebe Tonkin, Coveteur
Coveteur: If you could bring her along on your perfect day, where would you take her?

Phoebe Tonkin: “A morning horse ride in the canyons, a coffee and a pastry and a newspaper in the sun, and a dinner
at my house with lots of beautiful red wine and local ingredients.”
Phoebe Tonkin, Coveteur
Coveteur: What do you think she would say about the current wave of feminism?

Phoebe Tonkin: “Gabrielle Chanel was a real pioneer in terms of feminism. She was before her time in terms of being a strong, educated woman who didn’t let the men in her world dictate her views or actions.”
Phoebe Tonkin, Coveteur
Coveteur: What L.A. neighborhood would she live in or be?

Phoebe Tonkin: “I can imagine her wanting to host dinner parties in the Hills of Hollywood, looking down on the beautiful lights in the evening.”
Phoebe Tonkin, Coveteur
Coveteur: What iconic L.A. hotel would she be most likely to be found lounging in?

Phoebe Tonkin: “The Chateau Marmont.”

Coveteur: What would she drive?

Phoebe Tonkin: “She wouldn’t drive. She would be driven.”


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