Eleanor Tomlinson to Release Debut Album

Eleanor Tomlinson, Demelza PoldarkEleanor Tomlinson is trying her hand at a music career, releasing an album of “folkish covers”.

“I want to do it in quite an original way,” Tomlinson said. She is working with Anne Dudley, the composer for Tomlinson’s period show, Poldark, where Tomlinson sang as her character Demelza in the first series. “It’s separate from the series. We are hoping to record it this year.”

Dudley, who won the Outstanding Contribution to British Music Award at the Ivor Novello Awards, praised the actress and her singing ability.

“I can tell you that Eleanor is a great singer, she sings some of the songs in Poldark,” Dudley said.”She sings some of the songs in Poldark and we’re doing an album of folk-ish covers. She’s one of these people who, when she sings, it’s so natural. Her parents are both very good singers so there must be something in her genes. She has a very good folk, unaffected voice.”

Dudley, who was a member of the Art of Noise in the 1980s, has worked on a number of hit records with stars including ABC, Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams and Sir Elton John. The composer has also worked on a number of soundtracks to hit movies including Buster and The Full Monty.

Poldark is set to return to BBC in June.

Eleanor Tomlinson Talks to The Hamilton Spectator

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