Saying Goodbye to Another Favorite Character (And #Linstead)

Sophia Bush, Erin Lindsay, Jesse Lee Soffer, Jay Halstead, Chicago PDYou watch a show for the characters, not the plot. Sometimes show runners and producers don’t seem to understand this. You can have a really great, well-written plot, but no one says, “Oh, I love the plots on such and such a show.” They love the characters. That’s why it’s so disappointing to fans when main characters leave a show and the show continues.

This year that has happened on Once Upon a Time, which this season lost Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, and Jared Gilmore.

That’s why fans were so upset when Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries. After the series finale, fans found out from show runner Julie Plec that Dobrev’s departure resulted in the last two seasons getting major rewrites and the ending of the show completely changed.

The same thing is happening to Once Upon a Time, as the show runners have stated that the season six finale was what they originally envisioned as the series finale, but instead, we get at least one more season, whether we want it or not.

And now, Chicago P.D. has announced the departure of Sophia Bush and Jon Seda, both popular characters, though Bush is part of a fan-favorite couple that will now be left disappointed. As the Chicago series is much less serialized than the previously mentioned shows, it will likely hurt the show less, but it does leave the show without a great female character, on a series that doesn’t have enough female characters (a problem faced by every single procedural…well, ever).

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