Zachary Levi Gets Philosophical Discussing Religion & Spirituality With Fans During a Flight

Zachary LeviWhile on a recent flight, Zachary Levi took time to answer fans questions on Twitter. He answered a lot of religious and spiritual questions. For those that missed it, here’s an excerpt of his Q&A session.

From @laurencuttiepie: Based on your philosophy, what’s even the meaning of life?

Zachary Levi: At the very least, to understand why we, as humans, even chance to ask that very question.

From @oregon_moo: What would you say your life purpose is? Also, do you prefer orange juice or apple juice?

Zachary Levi: To merely trust the creator. All else is accomplished thru that simple, powerful act. And orange, thank you.

From @BMcCarver: Hey Zac! Do you believe that faith and fact/religion and science are opposing forces?

Zachary Levi: No. More, I believe our incessant desire to reconcile them immediately, while both are still very mysterious, is driving them further apart.

From @anaiismlopez: Do you think there is life on other planets?

Zachary Levi: I believe if there is, that very fact does not preclude spiritual walks, nor invalidate the concept of a creator.

From @melhoudart: Is there ever a time when you feel unintentionally “disconnected” from God? If so, how do you reconnect with Him?

Zachary Levi: Whenever I decide to trust anyone or anything but the creator, particularly when that decision is in spite of the creator’s voice.

From @stephlpham: Do you believe in soul mates? I believe in love, but I don’t think there’s just one perfect person out there.

Zachary Levi: I do not. But I believe that those who would make an excellent mate are nonetheless rarer and more challenging to find.

From @vivi_23: How did you learn to find self worth?

Zachary Levi: When I learned I had previously been looking for it in all the wrong places, while convincing myself that I wasn’t.

From @kahicks_2004: how do you stay so strong in your beliefs in today’s society?

Zachary Levi: For starters, I don’t run away from facts that challenge my faith. I work harder at understanding my faith thru facts, making it stronger.

From @JoIn5D: What do you make of the 100s of different Christian dogmas? How can they all be right if they contradict each other?

Zachary Levi: They’re not all right. And some are farther from the mark than others.

From @darthxbader: Any advice for a young person who has no idea if they will amount to anything in life?

Zachary Levi: Figure out what you’re good at. Then figure out how to use it to benefit yourself and others. Then figure out how to really love it.

From @mosesmosesmoses: Do you think your outspoken faith causes you to get passed over for certain jobs that you would otherwise be asked to do?

Zachary Levi: Perhaps. But if I actually believe what I profess, then I should have no fear of that. Doors will be opened, and doors will be closed.

From @toasterlars: As someone in Hollywood, what do you think of material things?

Zachary Levi: As a citizen of earth I believe that we put far too much worth and value into consumerism and materialism. And it is a cancer.

From @_Claire_A: Zac, do you believe in psychics, or mediums etc? What are your thoughts on the whole thing?

Zachary Levi: I believe in a spiritual realm, which includes some version of prophetic thought, which can be manipulated for both good, and not good.

From @MCostaRica96: Any advice for someone in a rut?

Zachary Levi: Ruts are shallow & easily gotten out of. Don’t let your frustration of being stuck in it, cause you to spin your tires and make it deeper.

From @AdaClare: What keeps you focused/positive when life gets overwhelming?

Zachary Levi: Hope, rooted in perspective, rooted in truth.

From @neighbourskid: What are your faith based thoughts on the question if LGBTQ people are God’s will?

Zachary Levi: I believe in a spiritual realm, which includes some version of prophetic thought, which can be manipulated for both good, and not good.

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