Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 6 – Episode 1 – Exile on Main Street

Supernatural – Season 6 – Episode 1

Exile on Main St.

Plot Moments:
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Sid, Supernatural
The premiere opens with a montage of Dean doing normal things in his new Indiana life with Cindy, cut with a montage of all the things he used to do with Sam.

Dean can’t letting the hunting life go, though, and he goes to investigate a noise in a house he hears on his way home from the bar. He goes so far as to call the police, and we see he has still taken precautions in Lisa’s house, putting a devil’s trap under the welcome mat.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Dean goes back to the house in the morning and finds large claw marks on a telephone pole. He finds…a cute, tiny dog! Scary! But then he looks down and realizes there is sulfur. He’s back in the game. Then there is the obligatory box where the main character takes out their old clothes and gear to go back to the good ole days when they used to such and such. I kind of always love those scenes, though, so when Dean takes out his leather jacket, I was all excited for him to be a hunter again.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Sam Campbell, Supernatural
…Ummm, something’s in the trunk, then other stuff is happening, and then the yellow-eyed demon shows up and is strangling him when Sam comes up and stabs Dean with a syringe. Dean wakes to find Sam looking at him, way too cheerful for a guy who’s been in hell for a while. Sam tells Dean that he was poisoned and none of the weird stuff he’s been seeing is real. To demonstrate that he’s real, Sam gets a knife and cuts his arm, then follows it up with some holy water, or was it salt water? Not clear. Also, why do people on TV always make such large cuts on their forearms, or even more illogically, across the palm. That’s a painful place to have a cut, and if you’re just after blood, why not cut somewhere that isn’t used?

Sam has no idea what brought him back. He can’t find Castiel and has no leads on how he came back. However, it turns out that Sam has been back for almost a year. Dean flips out, understandably. Then Sam drops the big bomb: he’s working with other people. He introduces Dean to some Campbells, distant cousins on their mother’s side. When Dean questions why they never heard of them before, Sam says man brought them together. As the man walks into the light, Dean recognizes him from his time-traveling adventures…and sees it’s his dead grandfather, looking decidedly less dead.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Lisa, Ben, Supernatural
Concerned about Lisa and Ben, Dean apparently forgets that he told them to go to the movies and runs around the house calling for them. They show up a minute later and Lisa looks at Dean like he’s crazy because they were exactly where they said they were, and he was acting like they had randomly disappeared. He takes them to Bobby’s, where he finds out that Bobby has known Sam was back the whole time. He then tells Lisa he has to leave. He feels like he’s putting her in danger. Why doesn’t he let her decide for herself?

Grandpa Campell & company are acting a little weird about the djinn, which is where the poison came from. Dean suggests they try looking in his house. The Campbells, and even Sam, start going through the house and judging all the stuff, like Lisa’s magazine and Dean’s golf clubs. Why does Dean have to defend his life, particularly to Sam, who was the one who wanted him to have a chance at normalcy in the first place? Then Grandpa Campbell tells Dean that there has been a strange presence of nocturnal creatures during the daytime.

Sam and Dean are attacked by the djinns and Dean gets dosed and has a bit of a mind trip of his worst nightmares. Grandpa Campbell shows up to save Sam, and after Sam is gone, instead of killing the djinn, he has one of the other Campbells put it into the truck. He’s collecting demons? wtf? Is this the Initiative?

After everything is over, Dean tells Sam he’s going to stay with Lisa and Ben. Sam is okay with it but is generally acting weird.

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