Sophia Bush Talks to Bloomberg About Chicago’s Hot Spots

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Sophia Bush, Bloomberg
Sophia Bush, who plays Detective Erin Lindsay on NBC’s Chicago P.D., splits her time between her native Los Angeles and the Windy City.

“Chicago is such a cool place,” says Bush, 34, who spends more than nine months of the year camped out in a downtown apartment she’s decorated, salon-style, with her own photographs. Before the fourth season of the show kicks off on Sept. 21, Bush shares her favorite things to do when she’s not on-set.
Sophia Bush, Bloomberg
Best Spot to Celebrate

“The Aviary, chef Grant Achatz’s bar, is the most incredible cocktail spot. My favorite drink there, the Blueberry, arrives in this porthole-shaped vessel with rye, citrus peel, strawberries, and flower petals. It’s really next-level. Then a group of us from the show will pop over to the Soho House and maybe have dinner. It’s such a nice, low-key place.”

Coolest Neighborhood

“Wicker Park. There are a lot of great vintage and record stores. And some of the best restaurants in the city, like Antique Taco on Milwaukee, which is a great walking street.”

Where to Spend a Day Off

“I love to go with friends on architecture boat tours [such as Chicago’s First Lady or Wendella]. I’ve taken all of them! Every trip has a different tour guide, so you have a different experience. I never get tired of going to the Art Institute of Chicago. I just saw an exhibition on David Adjaye, one of my favorite architects.”
Sophia Bush, Bloomberg
Chicest Home Design Store

“Rider on Lake Street in the Loop is a mix of vintage furniture and clothing and beautiful stationery. I’m hunting for a good Mies van der Rohe daybed.”

Top Camera-Snob Shop

“I collect vintage cameras, and I take photographs everywhere, all day, all the time. Central Camera Company, downtown on South Wabash, has been around since 1899. It’s a wonderland in there.”
Sophia Bush, Bloomberg
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