Shay Mitchell Talks to Michigan Avenue

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Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell reveals her favorite spots she’s visited across the country (and around the world!), what’s still on her travel bucket list, and how Pretty Little Liars continues to surprise her.

As any one of her 14 million Instagram followers can attest, Shay Mitchell finds a lot of joy in being a jetsetter. The Shaycation star often posts shots of her envy-inducing travels to exotic locales — she’s visited a monkey forest in Bali, gone river rafting in Fiji, and soaked up the scenery from a hot air balloon in Morocco, for starters. And while summer vacations may be taking a backseat to filming smash TV series Pretty Little Liars, this globetrotter’s wanderlust is a constant, making Mitchell a natural fit to partner with San Pellegrino for the recent launch of its interactive app, Delightways.

Now available in Chicago, New York City, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Austin, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Seattle, Delightways encourages users to explore cities through wandering paths as opposed to traditional linear routes — a novel approach to navigation that Mitchell wholeheartedly embraces. We dialed up the on-the-go dynamo to talk discovery through adventures, and acting.

Michigan Avenue: Delightways is such a unique app. What drew you to this concept?
SHAY MITCHELL: My whole brand is all about exploring, wandering, discovering, sort of getting off the beaten path — I do that with my travel, and in everything that’s basically how I live my life. So, when [San Pellegrino] came to me with this really amazing interactive app, I was like, That’s great! It takes people off their regular routes, and they get to stop along the way to different locations that they may not have found without the app. I thought that was really cool. I have a bunch of different favorite places in each of these cities, and it’s neat that you can find some new spots that you may not have found before.

MA: We’d love to go city by city to learn more about some of these spots.
SM: Sure!

MA: In Chicago, what are some of your favorite spots that you’ve explored?
SM: Oh my gosh, Lou Malnati’s? I. Can’t. [Laughs] I love Chicago; I was there in February, and it’s such a beautiful city. My restaurant over there is definitely Lou Malnati’s, and I actually ship that straight to my house here in LA. [Laughs]

MA: Nice!
SM: Yeah, I have about 10 frozen pizzas in my fridge.

MA: What is your favorite pizza from Lou Malnati’s?
SM: I custom [order] them, but I get a selection of everything: I have Hawaiian, I have pepperoni, I have vegetarian, so anybody that comes over, depending on what they like, I pretty much have that in my freezer.

MA: That’s great. Any other spots in Chicago that you’ve been able to explore?
SM: I’m a fan of the Chicago Bulls, so I go to games when I’m there. The architecture’s amazing, [and] I took a boat tour that was incredible.

MA: How about in LA?
SM: In LA, there’s really awesome food trucks on the app that I love because I’m a big foodie. It’s interesting because even though I live in LA, there are certain different places that I might not have been aware of, so for me I’d say different food trucks, [and] different museums [like] the LACMA.

MA: And in New York?
SM: There’s a restaurant called Miss Lily’s, which I love. And if these [spots] aren’t on [Delightways], then these should be my own little additions.

MA: What is it about Miss Lily’s that you love?
SM: I love the food — it’s West Indian and Jamaican, and it’s unlike anything else. The experience is just cool. Between the music and the food, it’s a perfect combination.

MA: And how about in Miami?
SM: I was there again not too long ago. Joe’s [Stone Crab] is one of the best restaurants there, and also Little Havana. You feel like you’re in Cuba.

MA: And what about in Austin?
SM: I actually haven’t been to Austin, and I haven’t been to Boston in a long time, or Washington, DC.

MA: You’ve traveled the world and gone to such amazing places. Is there a destination that you haven’t been to yet that’s on your bucket list?
SM: I haven’t been to Greece, and I really want to go, and also Croatia and Turkey.

MA: And I guess you can add Austin!
SM: And Austin! For real — Austin is a place I really want to go to. [I’ve heard] the music scene there is incredible.

MA: The Delightways app is all about surprising and delighting. Thinking about your Pretty Little Liars character Emily, who you’ve played for seven seasons and counting, how does she continue to surprise you?
SM: It’s funny because with the different experiences, she continues to kind of surprise herself with how she handles them. I think there’s a complete 180 from when I first started the show to how she is now; there’s a lot more confidence in there, which obviously comes from time and the experiences that she and the girls have had, and just the amazing bond that I think each of them has with each other. It’s a relationship like no other.

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