Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 5 – Episode 15 – Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, SupernaturalSupernatural – Season 5 – Episode 15

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

Notable Plot Moments:

The brothers show up in Sioux Falls to investigate a murder that a town resident says he witnessed. He saw Clay kill Benny. The only issue is Clay died five years ago. According to the witness, Benny was the one to kill Clay five years ago.
After Bobby hadn’t been answering his phone, the brothers show up at his house, where he is exceptionally cleaned up and well-groomed. Bobby tells them that the case is nothing, he’s already looked into it. On the way out of town, the brothers stop at the cemetery thinking Bobby might be wrong. They see a freshly dug grave, and open it up to find it empty.

They find Clay in his house, where he tells them everything. On the way out of the house, escorting Clay to shoot him, the sheriff showed up and arrests Sam and Dean and tells Clay that he’s free to go.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural, gif
Bobby shows up at the police station and it turns out that he knew about everything. The dead just started rising five days ago. One of the dead people that rose was the sheriff’s son. Bobby takes them home and shows him his wife, Karen, who’s “alive” and walking around. For some odd reason, she’s dressed like a 1950’s housewife.

Bobby tells them that he tested her in every way he knows how and she’s had no reaction. Bobby cremated her, so she didn’t even have a body. However, she was buried in the cemetery where all the other dead people rose from. Bobby tells them there was lightning, and he reads a passage about it. They realize it is Death, the other horseman.

Sam goes to talk to one of the other people who have returned from the dead and she tries to kill him. He then notices that her husband is dead. She ate his stomach. The brothers try to talk to Bobby and he tells them to leave his property. He has his rifle. Sam and Dean leave and Sam goes to save the rest of the town while Dean goes back to save Bobby.
Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, Supernatural
The zombies all seem to get very hungry and feverish before they turn, and Karen has a fever and says she just needs something to eat. She tells Bobby there was a man at the cemetery and he had a message for Bobby. Dean is downstairs and he hears a gunshot. Dean runs upstairs and finds Bobby with his wife, who he just shot.

The sheriff’s son eats her husband and Sam shows up and tells her he needs help to save everyone. Sam and the sheriff arm everyone to go after the dead. Unfortunately, the dead have all decided to go to Bobby’s and Dean and Bobby are quickly outnumbered and out of ammunition. They lock themselves in a closet, but the dead people pick the lock. It’s not looking good, but Sam and the sheriff show up with guns and save them.

Impersonation of the Week:

The brothers pose as FBI agents, but when the sheriff calls Bobby to talk to their superior, “Agent Willis” and she recognizes Bobby’s voice.

State of the Week:

South Dakota

Best Lines:

“You’re a zombie.” – Dean
“I’m a taxpayer.” – Clay


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