Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 5 – Episode 14 – My Bloody Valentine

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Misha Collins, Castiel, SupernaturalSupernatural – Season 5 – Episode 14

My Bloody Valentine

Notable Plot Moments:

A couple is on a first date and they end up eating each other. Then, another couple shoots themselves to “stay together forever”.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Cupid, Supernatural

They find the Cupid and he says he is just following his orders and what happens after that has nothing to do with him. Castiel reads his mind and says it’s true.

Sam smells a demon and attacks it, but it gets away. The brothers open a case and it lets out a bright light, which Castiel says is a human soul. Castiel has also started eating, which he tells them is a clue. The town is suffering from hunger, as in famine, as in one of the horseman of the apocalypse.

The horseman is in a wheelchair. He goes into a restaurant and everyone goes crazy. The demon that Sam fought tells Famine that Sam is there and that he got the brothers room key during the fight.

Sam is also affected by the hunger, and he wants demon blood. They lock him up in the bathroom, but demons come for him. Once they free him, he attacks them and drinks their blood. Yum.

Dean and Castiel go to get Famine but Castiel is distracted by raw meat. Sam shows up and pulls the demons out of all the bodies in the room. Famine then eats the demons, and Sam pulls the demons out of Famine, killing him.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Since Sam drank demon blood, he’s back in the safe room at Bobby’s, going through withdrawal. The episode ends with Dean, who has never expressed an interest in religion before, looking up and asking for help, very much like praying.

Character Development:

When Sam becomes affected by famine, he tells Dean rather than keep it to himself, which is what he would have done last season. He also tells Dean to lock him down.

Dean, on the other hand, is affected in reverse. He no longer wants food or sex. Famine says it’s because he has such a hole inside him that nothing can fill it. He’s basically already dead inside.

Food Moments:

Dean is drinking a beer and Sam brings back fast food.

Dean orders a burger and fries in a restaurant, but he isn’t hungry and surprisingly doesn’t eat them.

Meanwhile, Castiel just keeps eating hamburgers.

State of the Week:

South Dakota

Best Lines:
Misha Collins, Castiel, Supernatural, gif
“You mean the little flying fat kid in diapers?” – Dean

“They’re not incontinent.” – Castiel

“Are we in a fight?” – Dean
“This is their handshake.” – Castiel
“I don’t like it.” – Dean
“No one likes it.” – Castiel


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