Jaimie Alexander Covers Emmy

Jaimie Alexander, Emmy

Jaimie Alexander, Emmy

Jaimie Alexander, EmmyJaimie Alexander covers the April 2016 issue of Emmy.

On eating super greens with quinoa: “It looks terrible, but it’s absolutely good. I’m very picky with my food.”
Jaimie Alexander, Emmy

On being waterboarded for an episode of Blindspot: “Don’t care to experience that again.”
Jaimie Alexander, Emmy
On long days for fight sequences: “It was like a 16-, 17-hour day where it was just all fighting and torturing.”
Jaimie Alexander, Emmy
On keeping it light on set: “If I have to bawl my eyes out and it’s a heavy scene, I always goof off in between. Maybe it reminds my soul that it’s not real, so I don’t take it home with me.”
Jaimie Alexander, Emmy
On filming the opening scene of Blindspot naked in Times Square: “I did have a patch over my lady part down there. But everything else was completely bare and painted. And then I was in the bag for quite a while. It was the creepiest thing I’ve ever been a part of.”
Jaimie Alexander, Emmy
On not knowing anything about her character: “Who is this Oscar guy? And the guy from episode two who ends up dying in episode three, the mystery man with the burly facial hair? I [also] wonder where Jane grew up — [I don’t] know anything about her.”
Jaimie Alexander, Emmy
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Jaimie Alexander, Emmy


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