Phoebe Tonkin Covers Byrdie

Phoebe Tonkin talked to Byrdie.

Here is the complete interview:

BYRDIE: How do you keep your skin in-check when you’re flying back and forth from L.A. to Atlanta all the time?
PHOEBE TONKIN: I was very lucky to meet an amazing lady called Shani Darden who really changed my skin. I never really had great good skin, and I was always very self-conscious about not wearing concealer or anything. I met her at the beginning of this year and she put me onto this regime, which I’m so diligent about — I’m more diligent about that than anything else. My skin is just night and day. She has a great retinol that I use, and I try to see her if I can when I’m in L.A., but it’s more just about the retinol that I use of hers and a couple of the products by IS Clinical that she put me on — there’s a great cleanser and a great thing called an Active Serum.

BYRDIE: You travel for work quite a bit. What are your in-flight essentials?
PT: I always buy two big liter bottles of water. I have a little Chanel lip balm that’s really good, and I just apply the Active Serum and an oil-free moisturizer. I like those Hannibal Lecter masks — the sheet masks — I do like the SKII mask.

BYRDIE: No shame — you wear that in-flight?
PT: Only if I have a friend — I don’t like to do it if I’m by myself — but if I have a friend they can be like looking at me and joking to the flight attendant who knows that I’m not crazy.

BYRDIE: What’s in your handbag right now?
PT: There are a couple of those great little Chanel lip glosses, an eyelash curler, my active serum, and a little Mason Pearson brush.

Phoebe Tonkin, Byrdie
On the Look:
“I wanted to do something that was kind of a little rocky, edgy, schoolgirl. It’s like the schoolgirl that ran out to go see a band. I love hair ribbons, but I don’t like it to look too preppy and high school-y. So, I just wanted to make it kind of sexy and undone with a dark eye.” — Phoebe Tonkin

BYRDIE: What keeps you in werewolf fighting shape?
PT: I like being trained by ballerinas, so I go to someone called Mary Helen Bowers in New York, and here I met someone called Andie Hecker about five years ago and I’ve been training with her on and off for five years. She’s like the naughty ballerina. She’s great and she’s in L.A. So when I’m here for longer, I try to see her.

BYRDIE: What about when you’re working in Atlanta?
PT: I do the Ballet Beautiful videos and just walk.

BYRDIE: What about diet-wise — what’s always in your fridge?
PT: Vegenaise.

BYRDIE: Vegenaise?
PT: So gross. Vegenaise is vegan mayonnaise. I’ll dip carrots in it. I always have brown rice in my fridge. I could just sit and eat brown rice. What else? Carob, salmon, hemp milk, [laughs] really stupid actress things like that.

BYRDIE: What’s a typical breakfast for you?
PT: I try to wake up and have a big glass of water, and then I’ll have a coffee. And I like to get English muffins and put tahini and manuka honey on them. That’s what I had for breakfast this morning.
Phoebe Tonkin, Byrdie
On the Look:
“The second look was kind of undone no-mascara look with kind of a blotted stained lip, which I think is really easy to go out to dinner, and it’s not too fussy.” — Phoebe Tonkin

BYRDIE: Picked up any genius makeup tricks over the years?
PT: Not in terms of putting makeup on… but one time I was stuck in a hotel and I had nothing to take off all this really heavy makeup, so I ordered room service and I asked for a side of olive oil. And I used tissues with olive oil and took my makeup off. And it worked!

BYRDIE: Any beauty DIYs you like?
PT: I put manuka honey on my face as a face mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes. I use Epsom salts in the bath a lot. But the manuka honey one is really nice. I’ve been eating a lot of it. It’s an investment, but it’s delicious.

BYRDIE: What Australian beauty products should we all be using?
PT: I like the Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, which is really boring because everyone says that. You know, I quite like Miranda Kerr’s stuff, Kora, there’s rosehip oil that’s really nice. And then just the good old Australian seawater; it’s great for the hair. Oh, and emu oil as well!

BYRDIE: Okay, final question. What’s more fun to play a witch or werewolf?
PT: A witch, definitely. They’re a little naughtier.
Phoebe Tonkin, Byrdie
On the Look:
“I wanted something that was a little bit more done and cool and something I haven’t done before. I really like the idea of a middle part with the headband—we used a little velvet ribbon instead of an actual headband, and I just think it’s really cool and interesting and classic at the same time. I love a braid.” — Phoebe Tonkin

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