Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 5 – Episode 7 – The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, SupernaturalSupernatural – Season 5 – Episode 7

The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Notable Plot Points:
Patrick, Supernatural
Sam and Dean are investigating a case where a man in his twenties died of old age. They then investigate a missing person case, Cliff, and find the older man having sex with a bunch of young women, but he has somehow aged backwards. He tells the brothers that he got younger in a poker game. They played for years, not money. He tells him the poker guy was an Irish guy named Patrick.

They call Bobby and he confirms that the it’s a thing, but people usually lose. Dean asks him if he stopped the game, but Bobby says he played and lost. Dean lectures him like an angry father and then goes looking for the guy. When he finds him, he demands Bobby’s years back, and when they man refuses, he agrees to play. Dean says he wants to play for 50 years, and then cashes them out to give them to Bobby.Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Patrick, Supernatural
Dean Winchester, Supernatural, gif
The next time we see Dean, he’s about 70. They go and break into the witch’s safe, but he catches them. As they are leaving, he gives Sam the clapp. The three of them argue about Sam playing the witch. Bobby wants to do it. Sam insists there has to be another way. Patrick’s partner, Lia, shows up and gives them a reversal spell.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
With no other options, Dean and Bobby go to work on the spell while Sam goes to play poker. He gets DNA from Patrick, but it turns out to be fake. Patrick starts to strangle Sam, but Lia stops him and tells him that she gave the Winchesters the spell. Dean is having a heart attack, and Patrick tells Sam he can’t leave until they finish the game, so Sam puts all his chips in and manages to win and cash in his chips for Dean.

Lia then wants to play Patrick and lose.

Character Development:

Bobby plays for years, which the pre-wheel chair Bobby would have not done. His paralysis has make him ignore his senses. He also tells the brothers that he’s suicidal.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, Supernatural
After Dean is back to his correct age, Dean tells him that he isn’t worthless and lectures him for talking about suicide, but in a kind and caring way.

Food Moment:

Old Dean gets acid reflux from his cheeseburger.

Impersonation of the Week:

Sam and Dean impersonate CDC agents.

Best Lines:

“New administration. The change you can believe in.” – Dean

“So what do you think is in there?” – Sam
“A wrinkly, gooey corpse.” – Dean

“You beat me here?” – Dean
“Brains trumps legs, apparently.” – Bobby

“It’s like grumpy old men.” – Sam
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, Supernatural


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