Diane Kruger Covers The Edit

Diane Kruger, The EditDiane Kruger covers The Edit, where she is promoting new new film, Disorder.

On moving to New York: “I just moved this week. I need to unpack and buy some house stuff, like candles and books.

On committing to a relationship: “[Deciding to take it in turns] was a major commitment. That was a big step for me, allowing that time for someone else out of my time.”
Diane Kruger, The Edit

On Paris: “I feel very European and I think that I’m going to grow old in Paris. I have this fantasy of raising my kids there one day. I just can’t imagine living my life sipping cocktails at the Chateau Marmont, you know?”

On being socially awkward: “I’m a loner. I think it has held me back in my life quite a bit. I’m socially awkward with people in a bigger group. People often say they think I’m cold or standoffish, but I’m just not a good schmoozer at all. And that’s not good in my job because, obviously, it is a big requirement.”
Diane Kruger, The Edit
On Karl Lagerfeld: “[He is] funny and cynical, very educated, very cultivated. He lives in books, always has great recommendations.”

On leaving modeling: “I think when you’re 15 you want to be looked at, you’re testing out your womanly boundaries. The second time I saw ’60s fashion trends come around, I was like, ‘Oh God, I’m done, I need to get out of here.’”
Diane Kruger, The Edit
On doing French films: “Parts in French films are more interesting for women. In American studio pictures, women are there to support the male protagonist in whatever his storyline is.”
Diane Kruger, The Edit
On aging: “I didn’t have a great private life until recently; I was always looking for the next thing. But when I turned 30, I realized I was being an idiot. I was living this accomplished life: I speak three languages, I’ve traveled the world, made good money. I realized that I really don’t know anything about what is going on in the world around me – and [I was] not so great about [knowing] myself, either. Now I’m not too self-centered!”
Diane Kruger, The Edit
On self-awareness: “It took me a long time to realize that I’m never going to play a better part than my own life.”
Diane Kruger, The Edit
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Diane Kruger, The Edit


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