Tom Twitter Q&A For ‘High Rise’ #AskTom

Tom Hiddleston, High RiseQ: You’ve played some complex characters,how hard is it to detach from the roles once filming is done?

Tom Hiddleston: The best way to let go of a character is to celebrate the end of a project with a big party…then get in touch with all the friends you’ve missed while you’ve been away. Nothing like old friends.

Q: What is your favorite moment from the book “High Rise”?

TH: I remember very clearly when Laing tries to leave the apartment building one morning & can’t do it. “The light reflected off the chromium trim of the hundreds of cars filled the air with knives”. The beginning of a breakdown.

Q: What is it like working with Mr. Wheatley?

TH: He is generous, humble, mischievous, inclusive, permissive & hilarious. More fun than should be allowed.

Q: Do you think that today’s society would deal with the situation in #HighRise differently? Have we evolved?

TH: It would be very different because of the advent of the internet and the pervasive use of social media. The high-rise could never be cut off from the rest of the world in the same way.

Q: What books are in Laing’s library?

TH: Now you’re testing me. I can’t remember. Scripts People Live by Claude Steiner.

Q: How has Ballard changed your view on social media? Is social media a threat or a blessing? Or both?

TH: I think perhaps Ballard might see social media as an extension of our vocabulary for expressing…..our own identities and broadening our horizons in terms of what we deem acceptable (or not). I think he’d be fascinated (and amused) by it.

Q: Do you think you’d be able to survive the High Rise as yourself? 🙂

TH: I have no idea. I’m very lucky that I’ve never had to endure a life-or-death situation like that. But we are all fascinated by the possibility, which is why we continue to tell dystopian stories.

Q: As a cinephile, what’s your favourite 70s sci-fi/dystopian/disaster movie? (Star Wars doesn’t count.)

TH: Blade Runner. (That’s cheating, I know. 1982.) I still haven’t seen Logan’s Run.

Q: What is your favourite line spoken by Laing in the film? 🙂

TH: “When I was your age, I was always covered in something. Mud. Jam. Failure.”

Q: Three words to describe Dr Robert Laing?

TH: Detached. Turbulent. Curious.

Q: Do you think the film reflects on today’s society as well as the 70’s? Why?

TH: Human nature is too diverse and chaotic to be contained and controlled from above.

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