Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 5 – Episode 1 – Sympathy for the Devil

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, SupernaturalSupernatural – Season 5 – Episode 1

Sympathy for the Devil

Notable Plot Moments:
Sam and Dean are in the church as Lucifer is rising, and then they are suddenly in a plane, and it starts to crash, and then they are suddenly in a car. They go to Chuck’s to check on Castiel, but Chuck says he’s dead. Zachariah shows up and tells them they need to stop Lucifer before he finds his vessel.

The brothers are staying in the Regent Hotel, where Sam makes them hex bags to hide from both the angels and the demons.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, Meg, Supernatural

They call Bobby, and Dean figures out that Chuck is referring to his father’s storage unit in upstate New York. Bobby suddenly punches him. Bobby is possessed by a demon, and then Meg and two other demons walk in. They want Bobby to kill Dean, but Bobby is able to gain enough consciousness to stab himself, exorcising the demon. That gives Dean time to attack the other demons, and then Sam walks in and joins the fight.

Sam and Dean visit Bobby in the hospital, where Dean makes a show of confidence that they’ll win.

Important Moments:

Chuck sends a crazy fangirl to find Sam and Dean and tell them that Michael’s sword is on earth, and the angels have lost it.

When Sam and Dean get to John’s storage unit, Zachariah is waiting for them. He tells them that Dean is Michael’s sword, meaning that he is Michael’s vessel. Dean declines. Zachariah then injures Sam’s leg to blackmail Dean. Dean then realizes that Michael needs his consent. Zachariah then threatens Bobby and starts torturing both Sam and Dean. Castiel shows up and fights with the angels, sending them all back except Zachariah, who asks Castiel how he’s alive. Castiel then asks him how the brothers ended up on the plane because the angels didn’t do it. His implication is that god did it. Castiel then carves an Enochian Sigil on their ribs that hides them from both angels and demons alike.

Character Development:

Sam says that he doesn’t feel any sweats or cravings or anything regarding the demon blood, so who ever put them on the plane must have fixed him.

Dean gets upset because Sam keeps bringing up the whole raising Lucifer thing, and he tells Sam to just forget about it. As upset as Dean was at the end of season 4, he has his brother back now and is willing to just let it go if Sam will just stop talking about it.

Sam confesses what he did to Bobby, who is pissed off. He tells Sam that if they survive, he should lose his number. Later, in the hospital, Bobby tells Sam that it was the demon talking, and that he’s not cutting him out.

Dean tells Sam that he will fight, but he has no hope that they will win, and he’s resigned to that. At Sam’s prompting, Dean confesses that he can’t really just forgive and forget, and that he no longer trusts Sam and they probably can never be what they were. It’s a post-addict storyline, and Sam is going to have to earn people’s forgiveness.

Funny Moments:

Chuck calls a girl who is typing gay, incestual fan fiction about Sam and Dean.

Notable Guest Star:
Bellamy Young, Lucifer, Supernatural
Bellamy Young, best known as Mellie on Scandal, guest stars as Sarah/Lucifer.

Best Lines:

“I learned that from my friend Cas, you son of a bitch.” – Dean

“Oh, thank god, the angels are here.” – Dean

“What’d you just brand us with it?” – Dean
“No, I carved it into your ribs.” – Castiel

“How are we gonna do all this, genius?” – Bobby
“I have no idea. But what I do have, is a G.E.D. and a give ’em hell attitude, and I’ll figure it out.” – Dean

“I ain’t cutting you out, boy, not ever.” – Bobby


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