Jessica Alba Covers Better Homes and Gardens

Jessica Alba, Better Homes and GardensJessica Alba covers the February 2016 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

On her routine: “My day starts early with yoga or spinning and, unless I have a pressing work engagement, ends with bedtime stories with the girls and a little TV time with my husband.”

On her kids: “My kids are my top priority. Their health and well-being come first.”
Jessica Alba, Better Homes and Gardens
On her childhood: “I was a very sick kid. Once I became aware of cause and effect, I became much more health-conscious.”

On cooking: “We love, love, love to cook, and family dinner is mandatory Friday through Sunday. I wish I had more time from Monday to Thursday to make dinner, but the truth is, we rely on healthy food delivery when we have to.”
Jessica Alba, Better Homes and Gardens
On managing a busy schedule: “My grandmother raised her kids and her grandchildren and put herself through school. She and my mother are my heroes. They showed me the value in hard work, resourcefulness, and common sense. I just want to make that path for women easier however I can. Some days I am resilient and tough, and on others, I struggle and can be fragile. You can’t let it all affect you too much. It’s also important to remember to breathe.”

On balance: “I’m healthy, but I don’t go to extremes. I exercise for my mental health, but I can mow through a box of cookies with the best of them.”
Jessica Alba, Better Homes and Gardens
On being organized: “The kids and I put our clothes out at night so there’s no drama in the morning.”

On parenting: “I try to teach my girls by doing. We fill water bottles instead of buying new ones, recycle, and talk about what products are safe and unsafe for them and the earth.”

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