Joseph Gordon-Levitt Donates ‘Snowden’ Salary to ACLU Project

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, WalkJoseph Gordon-Levitt and his production company, hitRECord Joe, have partnered with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for a series of short films on technology and democracy.

To fund the project, Gordon-Levitt has donated his salary from the upcoming film Snowden.

Gordon-Levitt announced the news in a YouTube video entitled, “Are you there, Democracy? It’s me, the Internet.” He asked people to submit videos with their perspectives on technology and democracy and said he had been thinking about the connection between the two while working on Snowden.

Through hitRECord, Gordon-Levitt will use the submissions to make a series of short films on democracy in the digital age. The they will then create one short documentary-style film as well as other short films such as animated music videos or dramatizations of people’s experiences.

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about these questions ever since playing Edward Snowden, and I think especially with an election coming up this year here in the U.S. it’s a really worthwhile conversation for us to be having,” Gordon-Levitt said in the video. “So I’m going to be donating my acting fee from the Snowden movie to help facilitate that conversation. The answers I’m most interested in are not the expert, political-pundit, left-wing, right-wing talking points kind of thing. I’d much rather hear a personal story or something that’s unique to you.”

“Some people believe that the right to privacy is a cornerstone of democracy, and [that] without privacy, we don’t really live in a free country,” Gordon-Levitt said. “Other people, and especially perhaps people who are so open about their lives online anyway, don’t seem to mind being watched.”

The short films will be finished before Snowden premieres in May.

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