Orlando Bloom Honored By UNICEF

Orlando Bloom, UNICEFOrlando Bloom, best known for his roles in the Lord of the rings and Pirates of the Caribbean series, was honored with the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award for his work its a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. The award was presented at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball.

He was appointed to the position in 2009, and has traveled to areas including Liberia and Macedonia.

Bloom recently spoke about his experience meeting Syrian refugees in Macedonia.

“These children have travelled through one of the deadliest refugee and migrant routes in the world,” Bloom said in a press release. “I talked to children who endured terrifying journeys, often in extreme weather conditions and for many, walking in the only shoes and clothes they have… They are being shuttled from one authority to another, crossing numerous borders, uncertain of the risks ahead… If they arrive safely at their final destination, they still fear an uncertain future. We need to protect and support them.”

The prize is named after late Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn, who began working with UNICEF in the 1950s and spent years tirelessly campaigning on behalf of the organisation and taking part in charity missions all over the world.
Orlando Bloom
Bloom was also recently honored for his humanitarian work by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles (BAFTA LA) with the Briannia Humanitarian Award.

“At BAFTA Los Angeles, we recognise that our industry’s power to raise social awareness and push for change is enormous,” Kieran Breen, the chairman of BAFTA LA, said in a press release. “Orlando Bloom’s incredible work with UNICEF and many other charities demonstrates that immense power, and he has consistently gone above and beyond as an active, engaged campaigner for real solutions to urgent global issues.”

Orlando Bloom Met With Refugee Migrant Children for UNICEF

Orlando Bloom Fights Ebola With UNICEF

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