Angelina Jolie Covers WSJ. Magazine

Angelina Jolie, WSJ MagazineAngelina Jolie covered the WSJ. Magazine, where she was promoting her new film, By the Sea, which she wrote, directed, and stars in with her real life husband, Brad Pitt. Jolie also received the WSJ. Magazine Innovator Award for Entertainment and Film.

Angelina Jolie, WSJ Magazine
Angelina, accepting her award: “When I was little, my mom used to say to me, ‘Let me see your soul’. When I was angry or sad or trying to express something that mattered, she would hold me and she would look me in the eyes and say that. And if I didn’t know what it meant but I understood that she wanted me to drop all pretenses and just be. My children are innovators. All children are…For me, in my art of films as a director or writer, I try to listen to my mother and bear my soul and to listen to my kids and make a mess and to play and be free. When we celebrate innovation we are celebrating human freedom.”

Angelina Jolie, WSJ Magazine, Innovator Awards

“We can’t put a price on the value of the individual spirit. When we celebrate innovation we are celebrating human freedom. We cannot put a price on the value of the innovative spirit, the gain to society when people are able to experiment, challenge orthodoxy and put forward new ideas, and the loss of humanity when that freedom is stifled by poverty, prejudice and oppression or by war. So I accept this award mindful of those — particularly many women — who have not had our opportunities, who live in other political systems or in personal circumstances that deny them self-expression, freedom and independence, and who remind us as much as we celebrate in all that’s achieved through innovation and human invention, there is still so much more for us all to do.”
Angelina Jolie, WSJ Magazine
On getting her art across while dealing with public attention: “You just have to look at whether or not you can still be effective with what you want to do. And if anything gets in the way of that, then you have a problem. But I don’t.”
Angelina Jolie, WSJ Magazine
On life with Brad Pitt and their children: “We wake up, we make breakfast. In our domestic life, we’re Mom and Dad. And often we’re dorky Mom and Dad, which the kids find ridiculous.”
Angelina Jolie, WSJ Magazine
On her decision to undergo a mastectomy: “I want to make sure my kids are never worried about me. Even if I’m going through something, I make sure they are very aware that I’m totally fine. I’ll stop and make a joke. I talk to them. I never, ever want them to have that secret worry and feel that they have to take care of me.”
Angelina Jolie, WSJ Magazine
On becoming a UNHCR goodwill ambassador: “It was during a time when there was a lot of gossip about me. I told them I didn’t think they realized what they’d be bringing upon the agency, that a lot of people didn’t see me the same way they did, and I thought it would be a negative. I don’t want to speak up just to be on record. I’m not somebody who believes that just to criticize is going to make a difference.”
Angelina Jolie, WSJ Magazine
On deciding to embark on filming By the Sea: “It was not easy. We just had to be brave and say, ‘Okay, honey, we’re strong enough to do this; let’s somehow use this to make us stronger.’ As soon as we got home, it was bedtime stories, children’s needs and problems, the fights they’d had during the day. We had to immediately snap back to something that was uniting and positive and loving.”
Angelina Jolie, WSJ Magazine
On shooting emotionally difficult scenes with Brad: “We had to stay in our corners, like boxers, and not be husband and wife. It was very hard to do those scenes without Brad and I taking care of each other. Normally in between takes, you’d make sure that the other’s okay, but we had to be able to really get ugly.”
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, By the Sea
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Angelina Jolie, WSJ Magazine


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