Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 4 – Episode 13 – Chuck Versus the Push Mix

Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah WalkerChuck – Season 4 – Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Push Mix

Important Moments:

Chuck, Morgan, and Alex are in the hospital with Casey, who tells them to find his pants where they find the eyeball that Sarah gave him. As Chuck was upset and believed that Sarah had betrayed them, this was pretty important, as it showed his original belief in her was correct.

Volkoff gets a message on his monitor from Orion saying he wants his wife back. We can safely assume the message is actually from Chuck.

Chuck gives Awesome a number to call while he is gone in case anything happens. If Awesome calls, an undercover team will show up to take them anywhere they want to go.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, gif
The last scene finds Chuck and Sarah in the hospital hallway after Ellie has just had her baby. In the middle of the sterile, flourescently lit hospital hallway, with a vacuum running so the audience doesn’t hear what is being said, Chuck proposes to Sarah, who we can tell said yes. I love this proposal because life isn’t a perfect moment on the balcony of a French Chateau in the moonlight. Sometimes, you have to do something when you can, and when it fits and feels like the right moment, because there is no “right moment”. There are only moments, and then what you do with them.

Funny Moments:
Joshua Gomez, Morgan Grimes, Chuck
It wasn’t obvious to Morgan to wear something else under his wetsuit for when they got on the boat. This leads to “yoga seal”. Um, okay…? Which then leads to Morgan in his underwear. Of course it does…

Notable Plot Moments:
Countessa, Chuck
Chuck and Morgan find out that the Contessa is not a person, but a boat owned by Alexei Volkoff. When they arrive on the ship, they run into Sarah and Frost, who they then team up with, though somewhat reluctantly on the women’s part.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
Chuck is using a flash drive and doing something when Frost tells him not to touch something. He says okay but goes right back to touching it when she turns around. Then he takes out the flash drive. Frost meanwhile is transferring Hydra to an offshore C.I.A. account server. Aa they are about to leave, Volkoff comes in, and Frost pulls a gun on him so Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan can escape. We then find out what Chuck did when Volkoff shows Frost communications with Orion that have been going to for years.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
Volkoff goes to the address Orion listed and finds Chuck there, who punches him out and ties him to a chair. Chuck then stalls him until General Beckman arrives with the army to arrest him.

Character Development:
Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Linda Hamilton, Mary Bartowski, Frost, Chuck
Mary tells Sarah that whether or not they can take down Hydra, Sarah is going home. Mary doesn’t want Sarah to turn into her, spending her entire life working towards something that detracts from her life, and she doesn’t want Chuck to turn into his father, spending the rest of his life waiting for Sarah to return because of a promise that didn’t mean as much as going home to her life would.

Chuck develops a plan that carries out his father’s legacy, and during those final moments, as Chuck takes Volkoff down without Volkoff realizing it, it turns out that Sarah went back to rescue Mary, it’s a chill-inducing victory.

Notable Guest Stars:

Linda Hamilton is back as Mary Bartowski/Frost.

Timothy Dalton is back as Alexei Volkoff.

Best Lines:

“Andre wasn’t working out so I had to let him go…off a 30 story building.” – Volkoff

“I bought the old girl years ago on Craigs List Dubai.” – Volkoff

“You never told me you were going to be wearing something else underneath that wetsuit.” – Morgan
“Morgan, are you telling me you’re not wearing any clothes under there?” – Chuck

“Seriously, guys, it’s going to be okay. Chuck has a plan.” – Morgan

“When we get back we need to have a serious talk about the benefits of trans guns.” – Chuck

“That’s a quote from my favorite poet and humanitarian, Josef Stalin.” – Volkoff

“Technically, I guess you could say, that in the end, it was Stephen J. Bartowski that took you down.” – Chuck

“You’re gonna need an army to get out of here alive!” – Volkoff
[opens door to see General Beckman] “Will they suffice?” – Chuck

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