U2 Fans Planning to #WhiteOutBelfast In Support of Peace In Paris & Belfast

U2, BelfastFans attending the upcoming U2 I+E concert in Belfast are organizing White Out Belfast to “make a statement in the name of peace, love and music” and pay respects to victims of terror around the globe, including the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and the problems in Belfast. The song “Raised By Wolves” is about the troubles in Ireland and the hostage #strongerthanfear comes from a lyric in that song.

“This Wednesday, U2 are performing in Belfast for the first time in 18 years,” the Facebook page reads. “It will also be their first show since the attacks in Paris. Belfast has its own history of terror and violence, so it seems like the right time and place to make a statement in the name of peace, love and music and pay our respect to the victims of terror and violence all around the world. Thus we plan to #whiteoutbelfast.”

The group asks concertgoers to wear something white if you can, and to more importantly, wave something white. It can be as simple as a napkin, tissue, piece of cloth, or paper, as long as it’s white. The items will be waved at the following points during the concert:

When U2:
1) Enter the stage
2) Play Raised by Wolves
3) Play Sunday Bloody Sunday
4) Play One (they don’t always play One)

The group also wants to remind fans that big flags and banners will not be permitted inside the areas, so keep your white times no bigger than A4. Also keep in mind that the people behind you want to be able to see the show, so please be considerate of other fans.

If you’re going to be at the show on Wednesday Nov. 18, and would like to participate, feel free to download signs and profile pictures from this Google Drive.
Bono, U2, innocence+experience
More information on the event can be found at the White Out Belfast Facebook Page.

I’m helping to spread the word to concertgoers and ask you to please do the same via social media by using the hashtag #whiteoutbelfast.




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