U2 Makes Donation For Universal Music Education

Bono, U2, innocence+experience tourU2 has announced that it will donate the profits from its Irish concerts to Music Generation, an organization that provides a musical education to approximately 26,000 children across the country. The donation will amount to €2 million.

“If music is your passion, the natural thing is to want to pass it on, and that’s what is at the heart of music education,” Rosalyn Molloy, the director of Music Generation, said in a press statement. She added that she was “overawed and thrilled” by the size of the donation from the band. “We did know about the donation but we didn’t know how substantial it would be.”

U2 previously donated €5 million from their last Irish shows in 2009 to Music Generation.

The organization plans to use the funds to form partnerships in other local authority areas and ultimately to all 34 local authorities. Currently, the organization extends to 12 areas (Carlow, Clare, Cork City, Laois, Louth, Limerick City, Mayo, Sligo, South Dublin, Offaly/Westmeath and Wicklow) where it has established 12 instrument banks, five music libraries and five recording studios.

U2 stepped in after the Government stated in 2009 it could not afford to roll out a pilot musical education project nationwide because of the recession.

“U2’s ultimate vision for music education in Ireland is for universal access for every child and young person across the whole country,” Molloy said. “Music Generation shares in this vision.”

U2 have also raised the possibility that Music Generation students may be involved in the Dublin shows in some way, though the details have yet to be worked out.

“Music Generation would not exist without U2′s vision,” Molloy added. “It was the band’s very own personal experience of music education as children and teenagers that has driven their commitment to kick-start this ground breaking project. We are extremely grateful to the band for their continued support of children and young people’s access to music education in Ireland and we welcome this announcement with enthusiasm and excitement.”

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