Matt Bomer Supports Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance

Matt Bomer, Human Rights CampaignMatt Bomer has spoken out in support of an Equal Rights Ordinance in Houston, Texas, his home state, according to Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

“The messages being broadcast across Houston attacking LGBT people in an attempt to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) go beyond misleading – they’re horrifying,” Bomer wrote in an email for HRC. “These malicious ads, funded with a lot of money from anti-equality opponents, slander innocent people with slogans like ‘no men in women’s bathrooms’ and imply transgender Houstonians want non-discrimination protections as a means to abuse children.”

Bomer is joining Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eva Longoria, Matthew Morrison and athletes Michael Sam and Jason Collins in support of HERO, which protects Houston residents and visitors from discrimination in housing, employment and business services on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion and 11 other characteristics. HRC is a leading partner in the Houston Unites coalition that includes HRC, ACLU of Texas, Equality Texas and Texas Freedom Network.

“This Tuesday, Houston voters will decide whether to keep HERO during their General Election,” Bomer continued. “While the opposition is busy spreading misinformation, HRC in coordination with Houston Unites is busy educating voters through television ads, phone calls, and getting out the YES vote in favor of Proposition 1.”

Earlier this week, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and husband Justin Mikita announced that through their organization Tie The Knot, they are matching every donation up to $20,000 to help protect HERO.

Early voting began on October 19 and ends on Friday, October 30. To find a polling location near you or to learn how to vote by mail, check out the Houston Unites’ Election Center. If you are voting in Texas, whether on Election Day or voting early in person, you’ll need to take an unexpired government-issued photo identification.

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