Shay Mitchell Featured In Galore

Shay Mitchell, GaloreShay Mitchell was featured in Galore where she was promoting her new book, Bliss: A Novel.

Here is the complete interview:

Pretty Little Liars is a phenomenon. Did you think it would attract such a stir when you first went in to read?
I’m not one to count my chickens before they hatch, but the books already had a huge fan base. Playing the character Emily Fields, who happens to be a lesbian, was both exciting and something that I feel is important. There seems to be a conversation around her character, a positive one, and I am happy to be that voice.

What’s the weirdest fan encounter you’ve had?
I was walking into a grocery store and someone jumped on my back – and I knew the second she yelled ‘it’s Emily Fields’, it was a fan. I guess being in someone’s living room once a week on the TV makes them feel a little TOO comfortable. Shay Mitchell, Galore
Bikini or one piece?
It depends on the place – I feel like a one piece is generally sexier especially some of the low-back cuts… more to the imagination. Compared to a bikini where it’s like “boom… I’m essentially wearing a bra and underwear”.
Shay Mitchell, Galore
Ice cream or sorbet?
Well that totally depends – I’m the kind of girl who has different places and occasions for all types of food. For instance, let’s say I am in Whistler, and I just had a fabulous meal and now I am curled up next to a fire…that would be an ice cream moment. But say I am walking down the street and it’s boiling hot out – I would probably prefer the sorbet. Who wants milk when they are walking down a street smoking hot? Sorbet is also good for a nice summer dessert.

What made you want to start your lifestyle blog
It started as a passion project with my friend and roommate Michaela Blaney – I had a little more to say and share with whoever wanted to read than what Twitter would allow. It’s my friend and I making dinner and sharing the recipe with people – or my outfit of the day and where to buy it. I wouldn’t say I am a domestic goddess but I’m trying – sometimes you have to burn a batch of cookies to learn what to do differently next time. We are currently re-designing the whole look and relaunching it – we are really looking forward to that.
Shay Mitchell, Galore
What is your beauty regiment for summer? Any tips for us girls out there?
Less is best – you don’t want your full face of makeup melting off while you’re at the beach. Go for a tinted moisturizer with a pop lip color. Thankfully we can wear sunglasses too so if you want to go makeup free it’s easy. I like to do a hair mask once a week as well – the salt water, sand and sun can do some damage on your hair.
Shay Mitchell, Galore
What is the one item you cant live without this summer?

What’s next for both Emily Fields and Shay Mitchell?
Well you’re going to have to wait and see what Emily is up to – they keep that script in the vault so I barely even know. As for me, more blogging, a little travel and constant mind and body evolution. I have some things up mysleeve but don’t want to jinx them.

Shay Mitchell Summer Playlist:
1. Yuna – Lights & Camera
2. Chela – Fifteen (Goldroom remix)
3. Lana Del Ray -Westcoast
4. Little Dragon – Let Go
5. Tinashe – Two On
6. Banks – Change (The Chainsmokers Remix)
7. Childish Gambino – LES

I heard you modeled for a while in Asia, any fun experiences?
Going to Thailand was a culture shock at first, especially because I wasn’t visiting, it was my temporary home. When you are on vacation you visit the main tourist attractions and go to the popular restaurants and can sometimes miss out on what the locals do – but living there I really got to experience what that was like and see a different side of Thailand than if I had just vacationed there.

Shay Mitchell Talks to Yahoo! Beauty

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