Tom Hiddleston Named BFI Ambassador

Tom Hiddleston, BFITom Hiddleston has been named as the first official ambassador of the British Film Institute (BFI).

The BFI works to create a flourishing film culture and drive success in the film industry. As ambassador, Hiddleston will work to advocate for British films and the BFI’s work in building the next generation of film talent and film lovers in the U.K., according to a press statement.

Hiddleston has worked with many British film makers, including Joanna Hoagg (Archipelago), Terence Davies (The Deep Blue Sea), and Ben Wheatley, director of the upcoming film High Rise.

“Film is an art form – one of the most powerful, accessible, democratic and transformative in our society,” Tom Hiddleston said in a press statement. “It allows us to see the world around us, and the lives of others. It plays a vital role in establishing our national identity and gives us confidence as a nation. The BFI looks after the most significant collection of film and television in the world. It should be treasured and protected, in the same way we treasure and protect all our great cultural collections, from art and music, to libraries and museums. The BFI’s mission is to ensure that our film culture is kept alive, and to inspire the next generation of film talent. It’s the reason the BFI exists and why I am committed to being a BFI Ambassador.”
Tom Hiddleston
Hiddleston made his first appearance as official ambassador at the Luminous Gala, where he spoke about his support of film.

“Tom is a hugely admired and influential actor who understands the full breadth of film culture,” Amanda Nevill, the CEO of BFI, said in a press statement. “He moves fluidly from starring in the world’s most successful blockbusters to remaining engaged with – and loyal to – emerging British filmmakers where he is admiringly bold and risk-taking in his choices. This potent combination demonstrates Tom’s innate understanding that greatness in film rests upon deep cultural foundations – something that Britain is exporting to the world. Tom will be an enormous boost to the BFI and I want to thank him for taking on this extremely important role on behalf of British film.”

As a lifelong supporter of BFI, Hiddleston will help raise awareness of BFI’s key activities as a cultural charity. These include film programs, film education, film preservation at the BFI National Archive as well as BFI led initiatives to help build the next generation of film talent, such as the BFI Academy.

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