Tom Hiddleston & Jessica Chastain Answer Fan Questions #AskCrimsonPeak

Tom Hiddleston, Jessica ChastainAll the questions from the #AskCrimsonPeak session on Twitter are compiled so you don’t have to go scrolling through three different Twitter feeds.



What’s the best way to describe Crimson Peak to a friend who has no idea what it’s about?

TH: A gothic romance. A love story. A ghost story. Where the ghosts are emblems of forbidden love.

What was your immediate thought after reading the script?

TH: Absolutely terrifying.

If you were trapped on an island with your character and you could only say 4 words to them, what would they be?

TH: You need a hug.



How would you describe the relationship between Lucille and Thomas?

JC: fire and ice, baby

I think you would make great siblings in real life. What are your common interests?

JC: Shakespeare, karaoke, London, and Spring.

Because #CrimsonPeak is set to be released around Halloween: What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever dressed up as?

JC: Pippy Longstocking.

Were there any scenes that were difficult to film?

JC: The last scene of the movie, trust me.

With the close bond that the Sharpe’s have, did you have to work on building the relationship or did it just come naturally?

JC: Tom and I were friends so we were very comfortable when we got to set.

Was there part of the film, when you were filming, that genuinely made you jump with fright?

JC: Tom and I didn’t think it was scary while filming but it’s scary when watching.

If you could describe Director Del Toro with one word, what would it be and why?

JC: I would describe Gueilermo as compassionate because he sees the good in everyone, even his monsters.

As an actress, what advice would you give to a struggling actress/actor?

JC: Do something every day to remind yourself that you’re an artist.

If Lady Lucille found Twitter, what would be her first tweet?

JC: You have nowhere else to go, this is your home now.

Author Stephen King said Crimson Peak was gorgeous and terrifying. How do you feel about scaring the master of horror?

JC: “If you’re scaring Stephen King, then you know shit’s about to go down.”



What was the first scary movie you’ve seen?

JC: Jaws
TH: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
JC: What a wimp.

If you were able to take anything home that your characters used or wore – what would it be?

JC: The keys to the house.
TH: The model of Thomas’s machine.

If Thomas & Lucille were to sit down with a therapist (and they probably should), what would he/she say about their relationship?

TH: Let’s talk about your mum and dad.
JC: Tell me about your father.

What’s one trait about your character you love and one you hate?

TH: I love his courage, but I hate that it comes too late.
JC: I love her loyalty, and I hate her dominance.

What was the most memorable moment and can we expect to see more bloopers?

TH: I loved the waltz.
JC: I hated that scene.

What’s your favorite horror movie?

TH: The Shining.
JC: Rosemary’s Baby.

What have you felt after your last shot?

TH: A mixture of exhilaration, sadness, and relief.
JC: Delighted to say goodbye to Lucille forever.

What song would you pick to be your character’s signature tune?

JC: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
TH: We Are Family

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