Revenge of the Bridesmaids Review

Revenge of the Bridesmaids, Joanna GarciaRevenge of the Bridesmaids, a 2010 ABC Family original movie, written by a team of writers that includes David Kendall, Bob Young, Stephanie Phillips, and Mark Amato, and directed by James Hayman stars Joanna Garcia and Raven Symone. The film is a guilty pleasure that is entertaining without requiring any deep thought.

The film centers around a group of childhood best friends that return back to their small hometown, where two of them, Parker (Garcia) and Abigail (Symone) find out that their other best friend, Rachel (Chryssie Whitehead) is attending the wedding of their former best friend, Caitlyn (Virginia Williams) to Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, whom she is still in love with.

Parker and Abigail end up as bridesmaids and spend the film trying to sabotage the wedding so that Rachel and her ex-boyfriend can get back together. In the process, Parker meets a local cop that they went to high school with, who becomes a potential love interest for her. Of course, hijinks ensue, all predictable, though still entertaining, and anyone who has ever seen a romantic comedy will have no trouble guessing the ending.

The film is shot in bright colors, and make the south look like a fun and inviting place that you might want to spend some time in.
Revenge of the Bridesmaids, Joanna Garcia
The first scene is a little bit cringe-worthy. The film opens with the bridesmaids, in full bridesmaid dress, taking mug shots in a messy state that seems to be intended to make you wonder what happened. However, it is equally as likely to make you think that the movie is going to be horrible and turn it off. The scene is used as a narrative device, starting in the middle of the film, and then taking you back to the beginning to explain how these women ended up covered in mud and leaves in a police station. If you get past the opening, the film is a good watch on Netflix on a boring, rainy day when you want some light fare to watch.

The performances are not stand out, which is to say they are neither particularly good nor particularly bad. There is some cringe-worthy dialogue, but that is usually to be expected in this type of film, and the actors generally do as well as they can with it.

The film is good if you’re looking for some very light fare to watch, though there is nothing about it that particularly stands out. It’s available on Netflix instant streaming, and if you’re already paying for a Netflix subscription, it’s a fun watch.

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