Ewan McGregor Covers Catfish and the Battlement Song [VIDEO]

Ewan McGregorThe indie band Catfish and the Battlement from the town of Llandudno in the U.K. got a fun surprise when actor Ewan McGregor appeared in their music video and even did a cover of their song.

The video is for their new single, “Hourglass”. He performs an acoustic cover in the beginning of the video, but the band have since released his full cover version.
Van McCann, the frontman of the band, is a huge fan of McGregor. MusicNews.com reported that McCann cut the original lyric video to the song using clips from McGregor’s films, followed that up by tweeting McGregor, or bombarding, as they describe it, and finally by producing a video called 10 Reasons Why I Love Ewan McGregor. For their last act to grab McGregor’s attention, the band toured with a drum skin with his face on it.

McGregor eventually took the band out for breakfast in New York and then saw them live. He then jammed with them and is now in their music video!

“Honestly, working with Sir Ewan was one of the funnest things I think I’ll ever get to do,” McCann said. “He’s the most interesting and interested guy I’ve ever met. Total gentleman! He genuinely buzzes off the band. Sends me photos of him listening to us before he walks onstage on his endless run of sold out broadway. AND HE LIKES MY LYRICS! Honestly, I love him. It all makes me laugh my head off.”

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