Maggie Q To Star In ‘Red Flag’

Maggie QMaggie Q will star in Red Flag, a historically based Chinese adventure series from David Franzoni, a writer and producer of Gladiator.

The series is set in the early 1800s and centers on Ching Shih (Maggie Q), a young Chinese prostitute who goes on to become a powerful pirate and the head of the most successful crime syndicate in Canton China. Ching controlled the South China Sea with over 100,000 sailors and over 1500 sailing vessels, and took on the Imperial Chinese navy, the Portuguese navy, and the British army, which ruled the seas at the time. Ching eventually conquered them all.

The series does not yet have a home, though producers are pitching premium cable and digital networks, according to Deadline. They hope to start production in Malaysia this fall.

Maggie Q has previously starred in Nikita, Stalker, Divergent, and its sequel, Insurgent.

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