Eve Hewson Covers Town & Country

Eve HewsonEve Hewson covers the August 2015 issue of Town & Country, where she discusses being the daughter of a celebrity and her acting career. Hewson currently stars on The Knick, which airs on Showtime.
Eve Hewson
On growing with Bono as a dad: “[There was] music all around and writers walking in and out. I was constantly dancing in front of the TV and pissing everyone off. [They’d say] ‘Stop dancing, Eve!'”
Eve Hewson
On the stereotype of children of celebrities: “There’s the cliché of the celebrity kid with a fragrance and a handbag line and they design jewelry on the side and maybe dabble in acting. I’ve always been very particular about the fact that [acting] is the one thing I want to do.”

On how her attitude affects relationships: “My sister says, ‘You need to look more available… You’re so confident in yourself, you look like you have a boyfriend.’ I’m [24], I don’t need a boyfriend. It’s so much fun being on your own.”
Eve Hewson
On her similarities to her Knick character: “I am nothing at all like Lucy.”

On Los Angeles: “You’re constantly reminded if you’re not successful, because that’s all it’s about in L.A., so I found it really hard to get perspective. I can be pretty guarded until you get to know me.”
Eve Hewson
On her siblings: “My parents say they had me for Jordan, and John for Elijah, so each of us would have a friend. My family is all obsessed with each other. I wish I could hang out with my parents all the time.”

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Hewson with her siblings, posing in front of the house in Dublin where their father, Bono, grew up.
Jordan Hewson, Eve Hewson, Elijah Hewson, John Hewson


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