Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 13 – Ghostfacers

Supernatural – Season 3 – Episode 13


Plot Summary:
The episode is told in documentary style, from the point of view of the ghost hunters that Sam and Dean met in season 1 in the episode “Hell House”. The self-proclaimed “ghostfacers” are making a documentary that they submit to networks to try to get it picked up as a show.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
From the opening credits, we see that Sam and Dean were unwitting participants in their documentary.

The ghostfacers are investigating a place called the Morton House that becomes the most haunted place in America every four years. After breaking into the house, they hear something and freak out. It turns out to be Sam and Dean who recognize them from West Texas. They have a short argument because the ghostfacers say they were there first. Sam then shows them that other people have stayed the night at the house on a leap year and they all went missing. Then two of the ghostfacers run down the stairs, freaking out because they got a ghost on film. As everyone watches it, Sam and Dean comment on it being a death echo, explaining that it’s a ghost that is stuck in a loop of how they died, usually in the place where they died and”it’s about as dangerous as a scary movie.” That isn’t what’s causing the disappearances.

Corbett wanders off on his own, trying to communicate with the ghosts. He turns on his night vision, sees a ghost and starts screaming. Downstairs, it turns into chaos as everyone tries to find him, but he’s gone and the screaming stops almost exactly at midnight.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
The doors all supernaturally lock them in, and another death echo shows up. This time, the guy gets run over by a train and clearly didn’t die in the house. The owner of the house worked as a janitor at the morgue and they find toe tags. They realize that’s why the death echoes are in the house, because the owner brought their bodies home.

Another supernatural surge occurs and this time, Sam disappears.

As they all are frantically searching for Corbett and Sam, the camera cuts to Corbett at a table with dead people. Sam is tied to a chair at the other end of the table. The ghost puts something through Corbett’s skull and he slumps forward onto the table, dead.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Dean hears the music from the “party” the ghost is throwing and after rescuing Sam, Sam tells him that the ghost took all the bodies from the morgue to have them attend his birthday party. Then he went upstairs and overdosed on horse tranquilizers.
Ed is able to get through to Corbett’s death echo, and then Corbett’s ghost attacks the ghost of the former owner of the house and they both disappear.

The ghostfacers show their pilot to Sam and Dean, who compliment them on it, but leave their duffel bag behind. As the ghostfacers go through it, they take out an electromagnet that erases every disc and tape the ghostfacers have, including their television show. Once Sam and dean hear the yelling and know the erase was a success, they drive off on down the road.

Character & Story Analysis:

This episode shows a funny side of the brothers, with the cursing that is usually cut out for network television, when you know in real life, Sam and Dean would curse.

Since the episode is told from an outsiders perspective, there isn’t really much character development. Sam and Dean are really supporting characters in the episode, in fact, and that gives a new perspective to the audience, showing Sam and Dean from the perspective of other people in their world. As the audience, we get used to them the way they are presented, and this documentary style gave the audience a chance to take a step back from that and see Sam and Dean the way they would be seen by people who don’t know them well.

Also, they still take charge and kick ass.

Funny Moments:

In the opening credits to Ghostfacers! Dean gives the camera the finger.

When Sam and dean recognize the ghostfacers, they both curse and little skulls cover their mouths when it gets bleeped out.

The look Dean gives one of the ghostfacers when they hold up an EMF detector in front of his face.

Notable Guest Stars:

Austin Basis, from Beauty & the Beast and Life Unexpected, guest stars as Kenny.

State of the Week:


Musical Moments:

“We’re An American Band” by Grand Funk Railroad plays when Sam and Dean drive up to the Morton House.

Best Lines:

“I can smell syndication.” – Ed

“Well, listen, you and Rambo need to get your girlfriends and get out of here.” – Dean

“You gotta go be gay for that poor dead intern. You gotta send him into the light.” – Harry

“Go well into that starry night, young turk. Go well.” – Harry

“It’s bizarre how y’all are able to honor Corbett’s memory while grossly exploiting the manner of his death.” – Sam

“In our experience, you know what you get when you show the world the truth?” – Sam
“A straightjacket, or a punch in the face. Sometimes both.” – Dean

Ghostfacers opening credits

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