Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 11 – Mystery Spot

Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, SupernaturalSupernatural – Season 3 – Episode 11

Mystery Spot

The episode begins with Asia playing loudly, waking Sam up to find Dean in an exceptionally good mood.

Important Moments:

The brothers are investigating the disappearance of a professor who was headed to the Broward County Mystery Spot, where, apparently, the laws of physics have no meaning. They go to visit the Broward County Mystery Spot and the owner comes in with a gun and accidentally shoots Dean.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
The next day, Sam wakes up exactly the same way. He seems to be feeling a little deja vu but can’t quite figure out why. The day continues to go almost exactly the same. After this recurs a ridiculous number of times, Sam starts to go crazy. They go to the mystery spot and tie up the owner. Sam and Dean start arguing, but before Sam can figure out anything, Dean dies and the day starts over. This happens over and over.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Dean decides to ask a woman with flyers that they pass every morning and find out what her flyer is. It turns out that she’s the professor’s daughter and she’s passing out missing person posters.
As they are walking outside, Sam notices that a man sitting at the counter ordered maple syrup for the last 100 days and suddenly changed his order to strawberry. Sam chases the man outside and pushes him up against a fence with a stake to his neck. Sam accuses him of being a trickster and when he reveals himself, it’s the same trickster that he thought they had already killed. Sam decides to kill the trickster even after he offers to make it Wednesday, so the trickster just makes it Wednesday anyway. As they are getting ready to leave, Dean gets held up by a mugger and shot. Sam is pissed.

Three months go by as Sam starts a serial killer style wall to find the trickster.

Bobby calls Sam and tells him that he found the trickster. It requires almost a gallon of fresh blood. Sam is ready to do it but Bobby says he isn’t going to let Sam kill an innocent man. Sam says he will do it on his own then, so Bobby says to use him. Bobby turns around and tells him to do it quickly. Sam gets a giant wooden stake and stabs Bobby, but he does it because it isn’t Bobby. It’s the trickster.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
Sam convinces the trickster to take them back to the Tuesday before Dean died. Sam wakes up back in the motel room and it’s Wednesday and there is no Asia playing. They pack the car and leave without incident.

Funniest Moments:

Dean starts gargling and just keeps doing it. Sam gives him an annoyed look and yet he keeps going.
They go to visit the mystery spot, which is a glow in the dark green hallway with black paint in a spiral formation to look suspended in air. (You have to see it.)

When Sam gets frustrated, he starts demonstrating how he has lived through 100 Tuesdays and he starts mimicking everything that Dean says to show him he’s been through it before.

Food Moments:

Dean orders a ‘pig in a poke’ and Sam orders a short stack of pancakes.

Impersonation of the Week:

Sam and Dean pose as reporters to interview the owner of the Mystery Spot.

The Many Deaths In One Episode:
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
Dean dies the first time by getting shot at the Broward County Mystery Spot. Then he is hit by a car, has a large piece of furniture dropped on him, chokes to death on a piece of sausage, slips in the shower, dies of food poisoning, is electrocuted, stabbed with an axe, attacked by a dog, and finally, shot by a mugger.

State of the Week:


Music Moments:

“Heat of the Moment” by Asia plays every Tuesday morning

Best Lines:

“Hey, Tuesday. Pig in a poke.” – Dean
“Do you even know what that is?” – Sam

“You don’t…You don’t remember any of this?” – Sam
“Remember what?” – Dean
“This. Today. Like it’s happened before?” – Sam
“You mean like Deja Vu?” – Dean
“No, I mean like it’s, like it’s really happened before.” – Sam
“Yeah. Like Deja Vu.” – Dean
“No, forget about Deja Vu. I’m asking you if it feels like we’re living yesterday all over again.” – Sam
“Okay, how is that not-” – Dean
“Don’t! Don’t say it, just don’t even…” – Sam

“Did it look cool, like in the movies?” – Dean
“You peed yourself.” – Sam

“You’re crazy Bobby. I’m not killing you.” – Sam
“Oh, so now I’m the crazy one?” – Bobby

“He’s my brother.” – Sam

“I just had a really weird dream.” – Sam
“Clowns or midgets?” – Dean

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