U2An article in The Irish Times has more details on U2’s upcoming tour.

The show will open with a single light bulb, which was already reported last week by the New York Times. However, the opening will take the audience inside Bono’s childhood bedroom at 10 Cedarwood Road in Finglas, according to the Irish Times. The scene will have a teenage Bono listening to the Ramones and The Clash, bands that influenced him to become a musician. The show then continues in a narrative style format, following U2 as they play their first shows in London and take their first trip to the U.S. This first half will represent ‘innocence’.
U2, Songs of Innocence
U2 will then move from the main stage via a walkway to the opposite end of the arena, where they will play on a second age, representing ‘experience’.

It’s a different type of tour than U2 have ever done, and a risky move, even considering the much maligned giant lemon. It could be a more interesting and intimate show, and a good way to reconnect with fans after being away for so long.

As much criticism as the band have faced over this latest album, much of it undeserved, it is interesting to note that they changed their initial idea of doing the innocence show as an acoustic show one night and the experience show the next night, but decided not to because they were concerned fans would feel they were missing out. I’m not sure many bands would consider that.

The second half of the shows will vary. The band will play some hits that have been reworked for a smaller stage. The tour begins May 14, 2015 in Vancouver.

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