Jennifer Morrison To Make Feature Film Directorial Debut

Jennifer MorrisonJennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time) has recently directed her first short film, Warning Labels, and has plans to direct a feature film next.

“I have the next project that I want to direct,” Morrison told WENN. “I’ve optioned it and it’s mine so it will be what I direct next. It’s called Sun Dogs. Anthony Tambakis, who wrote Warrior, wrote Sun Dogs and we’re in the process now, my producing team and I, to set it up to hopefully, if it all comes together, direct that in 2016.”

However, Morrison, who stars as Emma Swan on the ABC fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time, sometimes has trouble fitting everything into her already busy schedule.

“I really enjoy being behind the camera. I feel very comfortable doing it. I feel like there’s obviously more to learn and you’re constantly trying to consume as much as possible to try to be as astute and knowledgeable as you can be, but just in terms of the technical side of things, the hardest thing is scheduling because I spend nine months out of the year on Once Upon A Time, so in terms of having enough time to prep properly and location scout and figure out how to really spend time with all the department heads and do the casting, it’s so time consuming and to have two full time day jobs is always the challenge right now.”

Warning Labels premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Jennifer Morrison, Once Upon a Time
Emma Swan played by Jennifer Morrison

Morrison has just wrapped up production on the fourth season of Once Upon a Time. She is also known for her work on House and in the film Warrior.

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