Tom Hiddleston Called ‘Utterly Charming’ While Filming ‘Night Manager’

Tom Hiddleston, The Night Manager

Tom Hiddleston on the set of The Night Manager.

Tom Hiddleston is filming The Night Manager in North Devon, and the owner of Hartland Abbey, Lady Angela Stucley, called him “Utterly charming,” according to The North Devon Journal. The BBC miniseries filmed in the village of Hartland last week as well as at Blackpool Mill Cottage, which is accessed through a private drive from the abbey.
Blackpool Mill Cottage
“Hopefully the filming will have a knock on effect from the point of view of visitors,” Stucley said. “I think that the filming here and in Hartland will take up about 15 minutes in the movie, but, hopefully, it will help the area and North Devon.”
Blackpool Mill Cottage
North Devon has previously played host to the filmmakers of The Shell Seekers and Sense and Sensibility, as well as two episodes of Antiques Roadshow. Blackpool Mill Cottage is what brings filmmakers to North Devon, according to Stucley. “It is almost in the state it would have been hundreds of years ago, and it is in an amazing situation and very quiet,” she said. “I also think Hartland people are extremely welcoming and they like that a lot. After all, people working on films like to be looked after and made to feel at home. They love North Devon and the coast and it is so unspoilt.”
Blackpool Mill Cottage
Hiddleston is playing Jonathan Pine in the adaptation of The Night Manager, which also stars Hugh Laurie, who was not seen in Hartland. The miniseries, which will be broadcast in six parts, is being produced by BBC One in partnership with AMC and the Ink Factory and is scheduled to air in 2016.

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Blackpool Mill Cottage, Sense and Sensibility

A still from Sense and Sensibility.


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