Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 6 – Red Sky At Morning

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Lauren Cohen, Bela TalbotSupernatural – Season 3 – Episode 6

Red Sky at Morning

This episode begins with a woman jogging alone at night, something that is always safe to do. She hears noises and looks up to see a lightning storm across the lake from where she jogging, so she just continues on. Later, she is in the shower and something creepy is watching her, but when she goes to check there is nothing there. Back in the shower, whatever it is attacks her and she appears to be dead.

Important Moments:

Sam and Dean are driving in the Impala and Dean asks Sam about the missing bullet from the Colt. Dean discerns that Sam went after the Crossroads demon.

The brothers interview the aunt of the girl who drowned in the shower, Sheila. The woman doesn’t seem to believe that her niece drowned, beaches how do you drown in a shower? She also tells them that Sheila saw a boat but it disappears. The woman asks if it could be a ghost ship and tells them that Alex, whoever he/she is, thinks it could be a ghost ship.

It turns out that every 37 years, a mysterious three-mast ghost ship is sighted in the bay, and then a bunch of weird, dry land drownings occur. The brothers decide they need to identify the ship, which Dean thinks will be simple, but Sam looked into it and there are about 150 possibilities.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
The brothers run into Bela when Dean’s car is missing and Sam realizes that Bela is ‘Alex’.

Another man is in the bathroom brushing his teeth when a figure is wandering around. A drowning is imminent and sure enough, his bath tub drain doesn’t work, and then a man comes out of the tub and drowns him through touch, so it looks like strangulation.

Alex then poses as a reporter to interview the brother of the man who drowned. His brother also saw a ship and described it in a lot of detail. When Sam comments on the amount of detail, it turns out that he saw the ship, too. Later, they are staking out his house but get made. The guy gets angry and takes off in his car. The car suddenly stalls and a drowned spirit appears in the passenger seat. Sam and Dean rush to get the salt gun and try to help, but the drowned spirit drowns the man too fast and they’re too late.

Bela shows up the next day and tells them she has identified the ship. She also has identified the man that is drowning people. He was hanged but had a hand cut off, which is on display at a local museum. That counts as remains so they have to destroy the hand to stop him.

As Bela is sitting in her car, all self-satisfied, counting her money, she looks up to see the ship in the distance. She goes to Sam and Dean for help and they explain to her that the motive of the ghost guy was because he was killed by his brother. Sheila’s niece accidentally killed her sister in a car accident, and the brothers had murdered their father. She won’t tell them what she did, so they won’t help her, but then Sam relents and has another idea.

They hold a seance for the ghost. The twist? They call the ghost’s brother. Bela starts drowning but Sam is able to finish the seance before she drowns and the ghost goes after his own brother.

Best Moments:
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Dean in a suit. That is all.

Funniest Moments:

Sheila’s aunt is clearly taken by Sam, and flirts shamelessly, even though she is old enough to probably be his grandmother.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
The brothers get to where they parked the car and it’s gone. Dean starts having a panic attack that someone stole his car. Bela walks up and informs them that she had the car towed.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
When Dean comes downstairs in a suit, he is convinced he looks ridiculous. Bela propositions him, and his face as he tries to figure out if she’s serious is hilarious, including his self-satisfied grin on the way out.

Bela calls Dean out for chewing gum at a black tie event, and tells him to act like he’s lived that lifestyle before. Of course, Dean takes the gum out of his mouth and sticks it to the bottom of a champagne fountain. Cue Bela’s eye roll.

Sam walks in a minute later with his date, Sheila’s aunt.

After Bela gets the guard to leave by pretending her and Dean are getting busy, the guard runs into dean in the hallway. Oops!

Sheila’s aunt tells Sam that the two brothers who died were rumored to have murdered their father. She then tells Sam that Sheila was involved in a car accident when she was younger and someone was killed.

Dean goes to show the hand to Sam and when he unwraps it, there’s just an empty bottle. Bela switched them.

Family Moments/Arguments:

Sam and Dean have another argument over who gets to do what to save who.

At the end of the episode, Dean tells Sam that he understands why he did what he did in going after the Crossroads demon. Sam gets mad at him because he doesn’t want any understanding, he just wants Dean to give a crap that he’s dying. He expects a reaction, but Dean just changes the subject.

Food Moments:
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Lauren Cohen, Bela Talbot
At the gala, after Bela has pretended to faint, Dean asks the waiter if there is any seafood in the hors devours. The waiter assures him there isn’t and Dean takes that moment, in the middle of a supposed health crisis for his ‘wife’ to grab an hors devours and eat it.

Impersonation of the Week:

Sam and Dean pose as police with the Sheriff’s department.

Notable Guest Stars:
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Lauren Cohen, Bela Talbot
Lauren Cohen is back as Bela.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“Look at you, sticking up for your girlfriend, you cougar hound.” – Dean
“Bite me.” – Sam
“Not if she bites you first.” – Dean

“I had that car towed.” – Bela
“You what?” – Dean
“It was in a to away zone.” – Bela
“No, it wasn’t.” – Dean
“It was when I finished with it.” – Bela

“How do you sleep at night?” – Sam
“On silk sheets, rolling naked in money.” – Bela

“Can I shoot her?” – Dean
“Not in public.” – Sam

“I see you got your car back.” – Bela
“You really want to come near me when I’ve got a loaded gun in my hand?” – Dean
“Now, now, mind your blood pressure. Why are you even still here? You have enough to ID the boat.” – Bela
“That guy back there saw the ship.” – Sam
“Yeah. And?” – Bela
“And he’s going to die so we have to save him.” – Sam
“How sweet.” – Bela
“You think this is funny?” – Dean
“He’s cannon fodder. He can’t be saved in time and you know it.” – Bela
“Yeah, well, see, we have souls so we’re gonna try.” – Dean
“Well, I’m actually gonna find the ship and put an end to this. But you have fun.” – Bela

“Come on. You do this out of vengeance and obsession. You’re a stone’s throw from being a serial killer.” – Bela

“Dear god, are you actually squatting? Charming.” – Bela

“You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.” – Bela
“Don’t objectify me.” – Dean

“I’m thinking.” – Dean
“Don’t strain yourself. Interesting how the legend is so much more than the man.” – Bela

“I mean she got one over on you, not us.” – Sam
“Thank you, Sam! That’s very helpful!” – Dean

“So ponying up ten grand is easier for you than a simple thank you? You’re so damaged.” – Dean

“You know what, Dean? Go screw yourself!” – Sam

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural

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