Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 4 – Sin City

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, SupernaturalSupernatural – Season 3 – Episode 4

Sin City

This episode opens in a church, where a man tells a priest that God isn’t with them, that God can’t help them, and if he can, he won’t. Then the man shoots himself on the altar.

Important Moments:

The brothers are sitting around with Bobby, looking for cases while Bobby tries to figure out what made the Colt work. Sam finds the shooting in Ohio and the brothers go to the church to talk to the preach about the man who shot himself, Andy. They find that Andy and the man who killed himself in the hobby shop both underwent personality changes about two months ago, which is when they opened the Devil’s Gate.
When they go back to the motel, they find a guy named Richie that Dean knows from back when Sam was in school. He has already been investigating the case. They go to the bar Richie suggests to find a man named Trotter that might be able to give them some answers and find it’s filled with college age students. Needless to say, Dean is excited to do some “research”. He sees a pretty bar tender, but Richie tells him they have a thing, which Dean is skeptical of. While they are in the bar, a man pulls out a gun and kills another man, saying that he slept with his wife. As the brothers are about to leave, they realize that Richie is gone.

He left with the bartender, who has taken him somewhere very creepy and kills him. It turns out that she’s a demon.
Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, SupernaturalKatie Cassidy, Ruby, Supernatural
Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or the junkyard, as the case may be) Bobby is working with the gun down by a stream. Ruby shows up and offers to help. Bobby shoots her as a test fire and it doesn’t do anything.

Sam follows Trotter, thinking he’s behind the strange activities, while Dean leaves with the bartender.

After ending up trapped underground with the bartender demon, she reveals that she’s not alone either.

Sam finds out where Dean went from the bartender, while the creepy prostitute looks at him.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, SupernaturalCasey
Dean and the bartender demon argue while they wait for anyone to show up. She tells Dean that she just had lunch and pointed out the money that could be made by opening up a few businesses that catered to vice. It turns into a somewhat philosophical conversation on the proclivities of good versus and evil. The bartender demon tells Dean that Lucifer is real. We also find out that the yellow-eyed demon was named Azazel.

Sam asks the priest for help finding Dean. The priest tells him he’ll help if he thinks that Casey (the Bartender Demon) and Dean are in trouble.

Best Moments:

The bartender demon thinks she has Dean when he tells her that Richie was a friend of his and he tracked the GPS on Richie’s phone and he came by earlier to give Richie a proper burial rather than leave him to rot “in some skank’s basement.” The bartender demon charges at him, but he had already set up a devil’s trap underneath her carpet.

Dean finally expresses his concern about Sam to Bobby, who assures him that Sam is probably fine in a tone that isn’t at all reassuring. Dean agrees that he’s probably right, in a tone that agrees that he might not be.

Action Moments:

Dean is about to exorcise the demon when she causes a small earthquake, trapping them both underground.
Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, Supernatural
Sam arrives and finds Dean in the basement, but as soon as Dean tells him to be careful of the priest, Sam turns around and the priest is about to go all demon on him, when Bobby shoots a statue. The demon priest then sends both Bobby and Sam flying through the air. Sam asks Bobby how he knew where they were and Bobby hands Sam the Colt and tells him to go. Ruby then gets out of the car and tells Sam, “You heard the man. Go.”
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
The priest gets down to Sam and Casey first. They start kissing and apparently have been a couple for centuries. The priest demon is about to kill Dean. Casey asks him not to, but then Sam walks in with the Colt and shoots the priest. The Colt apparently works now, as it kills the priest. Then Sam shoots Casey and it kills her, too.

Funniest Moments:

Dean gets hit on by a prostitute, who offers him a discount.

While Sam is riffling through Trotter’s things, him and his partner walk in on Sam and threaten to call the cops. Sam is confused when they mention cops, and once he gets the gun away from Trotter he tells both men he just has to be sure and splashes Holy Water on them. When nothing happens, he very awkwardly apologizes and leaves.

Theme/Character Development:

The theme of this episode is the line between good and evil, something the show continues to explore, but which is shown here through the interaction between Dean and Casey, particularly when Casey tells the priest demon not to kill Dean and then when Sam is going to kill Casey, Dean tries to tell him to wait, but isn’t fast enough, as for both of them, the humanity, as it were, of the other, had an impact on the other.

Notable Guest Stars:

Katie Cassidy is back as Ruby.

State of the Week:


This Weeks Episode – Top Character:

This week’s episode goes to Casey and Dean. Ruby and Bobby helped save the day, but the conversation between Dean and Casey brought up a lot of interesting points that continue to reverberate throughout not just the season, but the series.

Music Moment:

“Run Through the Jungle” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Best Lines:

“Some guy blows his head off in a church and another goes postal in a hobby shop before the cops take him out. Might be demonic omens.” – Sam
“Or it could just be a suicide and a psycho scrap booker.” – Dean

“There’s gotta be a demon or two in South Beach!” – Dean

“And humans are such a lovable bunch! Dick Cheney!” – Bartender Demon
“He one of yours?” – Dean
“Not yet. But let’s just say he’s got a parking spot reserved for him downstairs.” – Bartender Demon

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