Elsa Pataky Covers Womens Health UK

Elsa PatakyElsa Pataky covers Womens Health U.K. where she talks about staying fit and how she keeps her marriage healthy.

On Chris Hemsworth’s cooking skills: “Chris is a really good cook. Often, I’ll put the kids to bed and he’ll cook. He does really good meat and fish, amazing salads. And soups! When we’re in London [when Chris was filming Rush in 2012], he had to lose weight and every night it’d be a new vegetable soup — he’s really good at it!”
Elsa Pataky
On being married to the ‘world’s sexiest man’: “It’s funny when it’s your husband. For me, sexy is the inside of someone. Of course I think he’s beautiful and fit, but I will never tell him that because he will get too, how do you say, ‘cocky’? He’ll be like, ‘What do you think of that?’ And I’ll say, ‘Well, I’ve been the sexiest woman in Spain for a lot of years.’ It’s all just a joke, though.”
Elsa Pataky
On how she and Chris Hemsworth help each other stay motivated: “When he was training for Thor, he came home with this body fat measurer — you know, where you clip the parts where you accumulate fat? So it became a competition between us. If I had some far somewhere I’d be like, ‘Grr, I’m working that part.’ It’s fun, it’s just like a challenge, for no other reason than I like to challenge myself.”

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